Morning Mug: Moon Over Manhattan Beach


From the photographer:

This was taken at about 6:00 AM sunday (Ed. — by which he means January 8) morning. The moon was setting over Sheepshead Bay. I was in M.B. (Ed. — Manhattan Beach) at about Shore Blvd. and Kensington St.

An alternative title for this post could have been “Egg Yolk Over Manhattan Beach.”

Photo by Stan Kaplan


  1. That was me, btw, for transparency’s sake. It was an anon. NDP I had used in the past — just ignore. I forgot to change it back to “ES.”

  2. You’re right — that’s my mistake since, obviously, the neon of El Greco is clearly visible in the distance. ¬†It’s just that… “Moon Over Manhattan Beach” sounds so much better, for alliterative purposes, than “Moon Over Sheepshead Bay.”

  3. If that’s an egg yolk over Manhattan Beach where’s the bacon?

    A very different moonshot that’s for sure. Well done Stan.