Kavkazi Jewish Center Arrives On Avenue Z


Tovushi, a Kavkazi Jewish Youth Center, has moved into 2309 Avenue Z, former site of the remarkably short-lived Butcher Boy Meats. Butcher Boy closed in October after just a few months in business.

Kavkazi Jews form one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world, having settled in the Caucasus Mountain region after being exiled from Babylonia 2,500 years ago. That area today is known as southern Russia and Azerbaijan.

We’re not sure if the center is open yet. It didn’t look like it when we stopped by last week, and when we called today there was no answer. If you know any more about this center, please fill us in in the comments section!


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  • geneee

    i seen they were open about 2 weeks ago with young children. i think they were teaching a karate class or some sort of martial arts in the evening.

  • Open today, close tomorrow, isn’t that the trend in this neighborhood?

  • Anonymous

    Sometime ago someone posted on here that they wished the Log Cabin bar would be for sale.  Be careful what you wish for. 

  • Anonymous

    Tovushi>? maybe they originally planned a sushi spot>?

    • guest

      the word Tovushi means light. It’s a proactive youth center. 

  • Mark Rosen

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  • lilya

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