Good Shepherd Honors Priest Accused Of Sex Abuse

A Marine Park church dedicated its Christmas display to an accused pedophile priest, angering his alleged victim's family.

A copy of the sign, via

Even after allegations surfaced of Monsignor Thomas Brady attempting “inappropriate sexual contact” with teenage boys, officials at Marine Park’s Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church still dedicated their Christmas tree lighting to him. Now, the family of an alleged victim is outraged.

“That’s a slap in the face,” said the father of one of the alleged victims in a New York Daily News article. “Take it down. That’s hurtful. You’re gaining support for Brady, but what about the victims?”

Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church (1950 Batchelder Street) in Marine Park posted a sign in Brady’s honor in front of their Christmas display. The sign reads “this year’s tree lighting is dedicated to Monsignor Thomas F. Brady for his service to and love for the People of Good Shepherd.”

“I don’t have any comment on that,” said Pastor James Devlin about the dedication of the tree lighting.

Brady was placed on administrative leave after shocking allegations were made against in him in October that he attempted to grope two teenagers. His case is being handled by the Staten Island District Attorney because of his longtime friendship with the Brooklyn District Attorney.


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  2. I too was in total disbelief when initially hearing about the charges brought upon Msgr. Brady. I have know him well for several decades. Sadly, I have to tell you that he is in fact 100% GUILTY. I know this for a fact. He is a CHILD MOLESTER. I know you will have your doubts as did I, however, my source is 1000% credible.

  3.  I too was in total disbelief when initially hearing about the charges brought upon Msgr. Brady. I have know him well for several decades. Sadly, I have to tell you that he is in fact 100% GUILTY. I know this for a fact. He is a CHILD MOLESTER. I know you will have your doubts as did I, however, my source is 1000% credible.

  4. Joe, I too was in total disbelief when initially hearing about the charges brought upon Msgr. Brady. I have know him well for several decades. Sadly, I have to tell you that he is in fact 100% GUILTY. I know this for a fact. He is a CHILD MOLESTER. I know you will have your doubts as did I, however, my source is 1000% credible. 

  5. I have know Msgr. Brady for several decades now and have had interaction with him many times. Sadly, it is in fact true that the allegations against him are 100% TRUE.

    I didn’t believe it at first, however, it has come to my attention that Msgr. Thomas F. Brady is indeed a Child molester…… Very Sad!

  6. Barkingspider07 on

    Children lie when they get mad at adults.  I know many mothers who have been hauled into jail because their kids tell the teachers they are abused.  I worked with a woman who was taken out of our job in cuffs because the son accused her of abusing him.  When all was said and done, the kid lied because his mother refused to spend big money on a pair of sneakers that he wanted.  Don’t be so quick to defend children. They lie just as much, if not more, than adults do.  If you don’t see that, then you are the moron.

  7. Barkingspider07 on

    You don’t know that this priest is a pedophile.  In this country, one is innocent until proven guilty.  Msgr Brady has been in this church for many years.  I know several young men who go to this church and have attended the school, have been alone with and have worked with him as altar boys.  I know men within my own age group who went to this church and school as children and none of them believe this, as they never had any sexual encounters with Msgr Brady.  Nobody has ever made such a claim.  You don’t know if the kids got pissed off at the Msgr and lied about him.  I have a feeling that in this particular case, the victims are not the 2 boys, who just happened to come out with the allegation at the same time.  Stop being a judge and Let the courts decide.

  8. You moron! To insinuate that the child made it up goes to show how far away the Church and it’s parishioners have gone astray!!!! Never, never, ever blame the victim!!!! Ever!

  9. All well and good. WWJD? He would die on the cross for our sins.
    You might be putting too many nuts in one shell. Sounds like the mentioned incident is far from the usual scandals you speak. 
    Outraged is close to the facts, do you have personal facts that you are not sharing concerning this specific incident? 
    I am not trying to give the Churches credit for no scandals, just not convinced about this one.
    PS…children have been know to fabricate or misjudge.

  10. You’ve not been following the scandal of the Catholic Church, are you? They abuse their position of power, making them afraid to come forward, especially with people like you SUPPORTING pedophiles, and attacking the victims.  This is why so many people like me left the Catholic Church.  Look at the behaviors of the clergy AND the people in it? Nothing but a huge cover up, nothing but people attacking victims, nothing but people defending pedophiles and sex abusers.  This wasn’t JUST an accusation. Enough evidence was present that the case went forward. It wasn’t just pulled out of thin air. Shame on people attacking the victim. What a bunch of bullies.  I bet Jesus would be  REAL proud of you attacking children. Sickening. Really sickening.

  11. If the parent is so damn upset, why does he have his kid still in the school? And why is he the only one “outting” his own kid to everyone? His disgusting brat tarnished the rep of a community leader and had been kicked out of Marine Park school right before moving to GS. The whole family is a disgrace. They give GB a bad name.  If it were my kid, and I believed the story and cared enough, I would have ripped him right out of that school….says something about the family… hungry trash. No true parishinor believes the story. You would think after 50 years of serivce, and God forbid any of this was true, someone else would have come forward and NOONE has…..We would dedicate every single mass to Brady weekly if we could!!

  12. I can’t comment as to whether the accusations have any credibility. However, in the present circumstances it would have been far more decorous for individuals within the parish to show support in ways that do not involve the church directly. While this dedication was most likely a sincere expression it sends the wrong message, especially in consideration of a long history of institutions denying proved charges, even covering up the results of internal investigations which resonate with the accusations made against an individual.

    The fact that Msgr Brady has been in poor health in recent years would be an unfortunate aspect if indeed he was innocent. And yes, just as we should be distressed by inappropriate acts of support, the lynch mob mentality that is also a byproduct of such allegations should also be addressed in the negative. An investigation is being undertaken, and we hope that it is done with diligence and a desire to seek truth. Should conditions warrant it a judicial proceeding shall decide on guilt or innocence. I think that considering the lack of knowledge most of us have as to specifics judgement is a premature expression.

  13. As a lifelong parishioner of Good Shepherd, as well as having been alone in the same room (confessional booth, walking into the rectory to use the bathroom during church, etc.) with Msgr. Brady several times as a young boy, I can safely say that I’d be extremely surprised if anything came of these charges. Others I grew up with who served as altar boys – one of whom was recently ordained as a priest – never expressed any fears or hesitation to me about spending time alone with him.

    It should be pointed out that not only is the Monsignor suffering from cancer, but that he also had a debilitating stroke in recent years, making him barely able to function. I find it hard to believe that he would even be capable of inappropriately touching anyone unless it was through some sort of misconstrued and/or exaggerated involuntary muscular movement – which something tells me might be the case here.

    It is also notable that no additional accusers have come forward since the charges became public, as was the case with the recent Penn State scandal. One would expect new charges to be made public in 2012, at a time when the victims of such a horrible crime would have very little to lose when compared to decades past.

  14. Why not make him coach of the boys’ basketball team? While Monsignor Brady has not been found guilty of “inappropriate sexual contact” with anyone, Good Shepherd Church made a bad decision to give him any kind of honor before the investigation was complete. His alleged “love” for two Good shepherd is certainly not praiseworthy. What will they IF he is found guilty, apologize to the families of the boys and the community?
    The Catholic Church cannot keep sweeping these type of allegations under the rug?

  15. granted, the priest is an “alleged” sex offender and innocent until proven guilty.
    But no one would be dedicating a any kind of lighting ceremony to an alleged rapist who happened to not be priest, or a member of the clergy. 
    The least the church could have done was wait for their beloved monsignor to be exonerated and his name cleared, and not have this hanging over their heads. 

    This is unjust, irresponsible and repulsive.