Another Roll-Your-Own-Cigarettes Store Opens


A second roll-your-own-cigarette smoke shop, Green Leaf Smokes, has opened up at 1326 Sheepshead Bay Road, off the corner of East 14th Street. It’s the second such business to open in the area, following the November opening of City Smokes at 2695 Coney Island Avenue.

These shops allow customers to come in and pick a blend of “organic” tobacco that is mixed to emulate the flavors of big brands. Customers buy the tobacco loose, purchase papers and filters, and then use the store’s rolling machines to roll up their own cigarettes.

It’s a new type of business designed to get around the high taxes the city charges for pre-rolled cigarettes. However, two of the oldest stores in New York City – one in Chinatown and one in Manhattan – were the target of a city lawsuit claiming they’re illegally dodging the taxes, since customers still walk out of the store with rolled cigarrettes.

We asked an employee of Green Leaf if he was nervous that the city could come after him next, but he said he was unaware of the lawsuit. However, he acknowledged it’s a totally new business model that operates in a grey area, and that, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Green Leaf will follow all local laws. Besides, he said, his selling point isn’t the lower taxes, it’s the “organic” and “healthier” nature of his smokes.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry don’t mean to Troll this type of Establishment but… by Organic and Healthier does he mean the Money going into his pockets?

    • Anonymous

      Organic Cigarettes, For The Health Conscious Smoker.   Hahahahaha.

      • I do believe that we have a case of deceptive advertising here. But there are people stupid enough to believe anything.

  • Anonymous

    “Organic, healthier tobacco”   now I’ve heard everything.  What’s next vitamin infused heroin.

    • Anonymous

      ROFL! I know right!

  • nolastname

    Buying on line is 1/3 the cost. Stuff your own . com and delivered to your door.

    • Anonymous

      That’s pretty illegal…

      Cause your dodging Taxes by the state.

      It’s like Taking a Risk, i know a lot of people who got sued by nyc state for dodging taxes on cig’s.  :) Only way you can get away is CASH.  buy it Direct.

      The Best advice isn’t to buy Cig’s online, it’s to QUIT FUCKING SMOKING. All that money can be used to Feed starving children or something useful. *facepalm

      • nolastname

        I don’t buy cig’s, I buy tobacco. 

        • Anonymous

          Ah. Sorry, your comment didn’t specify that :)

          Well…….Now you know! That buying cig’s online can get you FINED :)

          • nolastname

            Back several years ago a few people I know were hit with thousands in fines. The reservations are spot checked because they still do walk in business.

  • Andrew Kent

    Don’t they also sell rolling machines so that smokers can roll their own at home?  With the increasing population of aging sixties survivors suffering from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, these devices would be a godsend for anyone trying to roll a doobie to relieve the pain that makes hand rolling such a daunting challenge.

    And, on that note, here’s a song that I wrote back in the day…

    WISH I

    “I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”)


    I went to
    see my dealer with my sister Kate

    We went
    on business, to cop some weight

    realized a thing or two

    Our man
    was into some good boo, well

    rolled a joint from off the top of the pound

    rolled it firm and she rolled it round

    Our man
    he was surprised indeed

    About how
    Katy rolled that weed


    Wish I
    could roll a reefer like my sister Kate

    really rolls ’em round, firm, and straight

    A fella
    asked me the other night

    does your sister Katy roll her joints so tight?”, oh

    in the neighborhood

    Kate can roll and that she rolls real good

    I may be
    late, but you won’t find me straight

    When I
    can roll ’em like my sister Kate, oh yeah

    When I
    can roll ’em like my sister Kate



    Andrew S.

    • Andrew Kent

      Sorry about the line tracking.  It looked like a song when I pasted it, but the site re-composed it.  Why can’t we do WYSIWYG pasting?

      • Excellent lyrics. Got sheet music?

        • Andrew Kent

          Probably some sheet music online.  Gotta check.
          The melody is an old standard, “I Wish I Could Shimmy
          Like My Sister Kate,” so I guess my lyrics are a parody.
          Here’s a cool rendition of the original:

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  • john trailer

    i did not hear this type of business before. electronic cigarette cartomizers