Sheepshead Bay Marshalls WILL Have Parking


Sheepshead Bay Marshalls

The construction of the Sheepshead Bay Marshalls is moving along, with the steel frame nearly complete and cinder blocks beginning to form the walls. Neighbors, meanwhile, can breathe a sigh of relief, since Buildings Department documents show that the business will have parking.

Sheepshead Bites was the first to report that a new Sheepshead Bay Marshalls department store would be swallowing up four long-time businesses along Avenue Y, between East 16th Street and East 17th Street. At the time, the property owner said the 27,292 square foot, one-story structure might have parking, but that it was not yet definite.

That had some worried that the intersection – already home to Doody’s Hardware Store, Stop & Shop and Petco – would become a traffic boondoggle as shoppers hunt for parking spots.

“I’d think anything that goes there would be a traffic nightmare,” Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo told us at the time. “Traffic, traffic, traffic. Go to Petco on a Saturday afternoon – it’s backed up to kingdom come. Imagine something like that where every woman will be flocking over here.”

Those worries may have heightened since September, when the builder began excavating the foundation of 1623 Avenue Y – the site’s formal address – making it obvious the building would sit atop the lot’s entire footprint, and leaving no room for ground-level parking.

However, the building’s Schedule A – a document that explains intended occupancy and use for various parts of a structure – reveals that a parking level is being constructed on the roof. The parking lot will accommodate 89 cars, according to the document.

What do you think? Is 89 spots enough? And – with or without parking – is a Marshalls going to make traffic worse?

  • Anonymous

    I live in that area.  Ave Y between East 17 and East 18 is already a nightmare with cars pulling in and out of Stop and Shop and Home Duty and it takes a long time to get to Ocean Avenue.  The new situation will not make things better.  However Marshals has the opportunity to be the biggest Sheepshead Bay businesses failure to date.  I for one will be looking forward to their going out of business sale!

    • i am still waitin for a pathmark replacement. effing sucks having to walk 15 blocks to get to the closest market. this neighborhood sucksss :(


        have you heard of driving?

        • wait, instead of spending money i dont have on a car, why not spend money i dont have on a helicopter! 

          • LeaterK

            Are you part of OWS

        •  I hope since you are suggesting for him to drive, that you are going to purchase a vehicle for him/her. Since you’re providing a smart ass remark.

      • LeaterK

        move out

      • guywhocare

        maybe they should put MOSQUE there too another one would be perfect for neighborhood.

    • Local Broker

      This Marshalls is going to be one of their best selling stores in the country just like Applebees and the UA is for those companies.  


         where did you get your facts? about apples and UA?

        • Local Broker

          From head of leasing and development at Chilis as well as exclusive leasing agents for dunkin donuts. You want the guys cell number?

          • SUPERHERO

             yes i would. Please provide me it.

        • Local Broker

          No reply button for some reason on your last post so if you want the guys number i can get it to you no problem but it will cost you 10k.

          • Superhero

            negro please. dont make me bitch slap you

        • Local Broker

          just another wanna be internet tough guy. Dont quit your day job.   

        • LeaterK

          Ignore the imagination of local broker who is strong behind the computer. But, a wimp in person. Troll alert.

          • Local Broker

            Thats fucking funny considering that hes the one talking shit. You are in the same club as him. As for trolling to you guys ever read your own comments.  

      •  You are a liar. I work for Applebee’s and they cant even keep their books. and they are even trying to sell it because they are not making money. Again, I work at Applebee’s in case you missed that part.

    • Georgia

      I agree with you 100% it will be a mess

      •  Yes, its going to be a bit messy. And I wish people would really stop taking corners with their vehicles at 40-mph. I almost got clipped twice trying to cross the street when I had the right of way. If someone hits me, I will own everything they have in their life. What would be nice is to see Dolphins Gym in our area.

    • Scott

      all of you whiners should just get up and move.  Why dont you move to middle America or somewhere in suburbia where you are absolutely helpless without a car.   Deal with the inconvenience of a growing community – you chose to live here, deal with it.

      • Anonymous

        Dumb comment.  If you don’t like my comments don’t read them and go to another blog.  Great logic huh.

        • LeaterK

          move out.

      • Old Sheepshead Hand

        Actually what you’re saying makes no sense. Aren’t big chain stores a sign of BEING in Middle America? 

        Not ragging on you – I guess some drivers have an instinctive reaction to non-drivers as being “holier than thou”. As a pedestrian, I feel that way towards bicyclists. 

        If it makes you feel better, I AM moving out. This neighborhood no longer serves its purpose to me as anything other than where I was born. I have an out and I took it. In fact, the neighborhood I’m moving to has one main drag where there isn’t a single chain store on the stretch (unless you count a Connecticut Muffin…BOR-RING).Also, not as much as Cyrillic-only signage places, which will make me feel more comfortable. 

        Now I’ll kvetch about yuppie-hipsters walking down my block like they own it AND I’ll still take the train to a TJ Maxx! And there’s nothing you can do to stop me! MWAHAHA!

  • Local Broker

    Avenue Y is a nightmare as it is now and no matter how many parking spots they build its only going to get worse. If you build it they will come. 

  • brooklyn native

    That’s it. It’s really happening. I’m getting rid of my car. No point anymore, it’s already so bad that it takes over 20 minutes from Nostrand Ave to CIA on Z.  Now, with the added traffic I can’t even begin to imagine how long it’ll take just to go three blocks.

    • MrArtTuro

      Oh yeah? what kind of car is it?  I need a new one.  When do you wanna sell it to me at firesale grieving prices?   I say I want a good deal,  you tell me what you’re gonna do.

      • LeaterK

        he has no car. he walks for 20 moments.

      • brooklyn native

        Why would I sell to you? Because you say so? Or because you think your so witty?
        Either way, no.  

        • MrArtTuro

          Ummm,  it’s “you’re”.    Walk, Native, walk.

          • Brooklyn Native

            Thank you Mr. grammar police.  But it doesn’t change your being a jerk…. 
            Ummmmm……  ? Looked at your other posts, not exactly perfect were they?
            Noticing a lack of punctuation, grammar and capitalization. 
            Yes, I’ll walk. Over you.

    • I’d recommend a bike. CIA to Nostrand in 5 and no need to find a parking spot.

      • Brooklyn Native

        I’ve considered it.  But, no safe place to keep one.  But thanks.

        • With a good U-lock and proper technique (through the frame and wheel simultaneously) almost every place is safe.

          • Brooklyn Native

            Was at Roy’s looking at bike’s…  I live in an apt building, not thrilled with keeping a bike inside. The building use to have a room for bikes. No longer.  So again, where to put it… 

          • nolastname

            Please price shop….Roy’s is way overpriced. If you just want a bike go to Toys R Us. If you want to spend 2-3-5 G’s go to Roys.

    • You have to be careful on that choice. Girls don’t like guys without cars. It makes girls feel important and materialistically stronger. Also don’t forget about the rest of the peeps, that must hear the loud music coming from a car, its called attention getter, to make themselves feel more important than they really are. Then you have those children, driving around in their mommy or daddy’s expensive luxury cars, in hopes to make people think that they own it and try to pick up on materialistic females. Welcome To Brooklyn.

  • Georgia

    I am right up the block & its a parking nightmare now. Well 89 parking spaces is nothing. We can not park now because people bring there cars here to park near the train station during the day. Let along we also have alternate side parking 2 days a week. Another waste of time & tax payers money. We will need a traffic light on the corner of Ave X & Wast 17th Street also. Fender benders will be common also it’s just a hazard in the area.

    • nolastname

      How’s the new street? Did they leave a curb? My block has the asphalt so high that the curb is short…..and there are mounds around the corner sewer so runoff is not happening..can’t wait to see all the ice this winter. TYVM DOT

  • Tinman

    Nice to see new businesses, but the traffic congestion at times is abominable. Marshall’s, even with 89 spaces on its roof, is not going to ease the problem. 

  • JR

    they should have parking underneath the store and on the roof… 

  • guest

    Looking for work? Marshalls is hiring –

    • bagels

      They’re hiring only part time up to 39 hours/week. Guess that means no benefits……

    • nolastname

      Is it still valid? The ad says July 12th and 13th.

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