Holiday Lights: We Can Do Better Than Bensonhurst!


It’s the War of the Lights!

After we announced yesterday that we were collecting photos of holiday lights, decorations and displays from across the neighborhood, that dirty rotten blog over in Bensonhurst – Bensonhurst Bean – decided to up the ante. They’re doing the same, and saying the Bensonhurst community can do a whole lot better than us.

Boo! Boo, I say! Boo!

We can definitely put those rabble-rousers over in that other neighborhood to shame. They want a fight? Well, now they’ve got one.

Send your photos to photos [at]sheepsheadbites [dot]com with “Holiday Lights” in the subject line, and let’s show them who’s merrier!


    Sheepshead has alot of jewish people so less lights. Sorry Ned but B-hurst will win…..

    • EndofDaze

      Certain types of Jewish people! Nonetheless, despite the profound change in demographics, in both of these great and seminal Brooklyn communities, Bensonhurst still logically wins this one! Additionally, before the profound changes in Borough Park, when it was filled with numerous essentially secular Jews, and Italian Americans, that super and seminal community, knew how to light up the nights, almost as well as Bensonhurst! You should have seen fifty first street, between nineteenth and twentieth Avenues, in the 1970’s, 1960’s, and 1950’s! Happy Holidays!

      • Barkingspider07

        I have friends who are Jewish, and they do Christmas better than the Christians. 

        • EndofDaze

          Well, they certainly have written and composed many of the better Christmas songs, and carols! Happy Holidays!

  • Bhurst, the armpit of Brooklyn. No lights in the world will mask unpleasantness of that barbaric, vulgar and parasitic community. Sometimes I wish that neighborhood would become part of New Jersey.

    • Ayyyyyyy, whatchoo mean by dat.

    • Anonymous

      If that’s true, judging by your intelligent post, you should be living there.

      • You Sir are scoundrel and brute! I resent your sexual advances and declare you derelict and stumblebum. You are no longer to present yourself in my presence.

        • Anonymous


  • ES

    You’re joking, right? Bensonhurst is right next to Dyker Heights, which is like the modern-day Hanging Garden of Babylon when it comes to Christmas decorations. Bensonhurst beats Sheepshead by mere virtue of its proximity to Dyker.

    • i have to agree. Gosh, when Dyker Heights lights up, Obama reports an energy crisis the next day.

    • Barkingspider07

      You are not kidding.  Bensonhurst really gets into the decorating.  There is a house on Bay Ridge Pkwy between (I believe) 17 and 18 Avenues.  That family decorates their gigantic house for EVERY holiday.  They do a fantastic job.  It is something to see.

  • Xmasonsheepshead

    Isn’t Bensonhurst bean the same company as sheepshead bites?

  • Allanb

    Dyker Lights all the way! my kids love it when they light up.
    Maybe it’s time we saw some Hannukah lights and decorations? Spruce it up a bit, you know? A little competition never hurt…


    you know what pisses me off is that in Rockefeller center their is a huge christmas tree. How about a freaking Menorah right besides it. One day when i become mayor i will make it happy. Mark my words sheepsheadbites community one day I Jay Goldberg will be mayor of this great city. 

    • The tree in Rockefeller Center has nothing to do with the Mayor though, that’s all NBC (now owned by ComCast) footing that bill every year.

  • applegreen

    OY, better go get my Chanyukah Bush up and lighted then. 

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  • This explains everything you need to know about that bhurst.

    PS Since when we allow people of questionable character on this site? Someone please escort Joe Teutooonichi Pizza Provolone Parmesan to the abyss he calls Bensonbeans or something reticules like that. He is dragging dirt allover our pristine Sheepshead Bites lawn.

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