Yet Another Medicare Fraud Bust In Southern Brooklyn


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Is this really news anymore?

Bensonhurst Bean reports:

A federal Medicare fraud task force has charged five individuals with conspiring to launder profits from defrauding Medicare at three local medical clinics.

According to an FBI press release, Larisa Shelabadova, 34, Alexander Zaretser, 31, Anatoly Kraiter, 33, Vladimir Kornev, 52, and Yelena Galper, 38 were charged by the Brooklyn Medicare Fraud Strike Force for their participation in the money laundering scheme. The release also states that five other individuals were charged from a previous indictment dating back to October 2010.

I think Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach and Bensonhurst ought to kick off a competition to see which neighborhood gets hit with the most fraud busts. Which do you think wins out? (Not taxpayers, that’s for damn sure.)

Read the full story on Bensonhurst Bean.

  • It’s just too easy. Imagine how many are NOT getting caught!!!

    • Anonymous

      many …. way too many

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know, how these people Sleep at night, knowing they are committing fraud…

    • Anonymous

      On mattress stuffed with money, with very expansive hookers.

      • Anonymous

        :-( x2

      • Anonymous

        right on!

    • good gosh. Guilt about stealing went out a long time ago.

      • Anonymous


  • geneee

    do you have to be russian to commit medicare fraud?????/

    • Anonymous

      Yes, from Odessa too

      • Anonymous

        Check and check, where do I pick up my bag of ill-gotten money?

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