Weekend Service Changes: 11/26 – 11/28/2011


"Q Train" (pastel on paper, 22 x 30) by Nigel van Wieck

What more appropriate way is there for the MTA to help inaugurate the first weekend of the 2011 Christmas shopping season than with [cue dramatic music]

W  E  E  K  E  N  D  !

S  E  R  V  I  C  E  !

C  H  A  N  G  E  S  !

If you must travel on the Q line north of Prospect Park, and transferring to the N or R, and schlepping around on shuttle buses isn’t your thing, then, in the parlance of our times, you are S.O.L.

The changes, according to MTA.info, beginning at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow morning, are as follows:

  • 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Nov 26 – 28
  • No Q trains between 57 St-7 Av and Prospect Park

For service between:

  1. 57 St-7 Av and Atlantic Av-Pacific St, take the N or R instead.
  2. Atlantic Av-Pacific St and Prospect Park, use free shuttle buses instead.

For those of you venturing out on the rails tomorrow and Sunday, travel safely and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

Footnote: For more of  Nigel Van Wieck’s amazing paintings, check out his website, www.nigelvanwieck.com.


  1. This is my apology.  I did not mean to call the homeless CRUDs in my previous posting. I intended to call them C.H.U.D.s   If you need more information about CHUD, Bing it. I apology to all Cruds reading this bloggeria.  

  2. More worse than service changes for repairs and upgrades is the recent increase in crazy and normal homeless men on the B and Q (rarely women). These foul smelling CRUDs occupy several seats, take up space with their wordly goods and from time to time lurch thru the carriages begging for money. Somewhere in our vast subway system is a police branch known as Transit Homeless Outreach Unit, THOU, but never seen in our community. I guess we are the undeserving middle class in the eyes of the NYPD.