Though Grand Opening Signs Still Hang, Europa Bistro Closes For Good


Don’t believe the signs! Though Taste of Romania’s Europa Bistro still flaunts “Grand Opening” flags, the Italian-Romanian eatery at 1652 Sheepshead Bay Road has closed down after less than a year in business.

Europa Bistro opened in January, replacing La Sorrentina II. One of the two owners of the business told Sheepshead Bites’ Robert Fernandez a few weeks ago that he planned to buy out the other owner, and reopen with more of a focus on hamburgers and other quick-fix foods – which could help balance things out on the stretch that’s home to more sushi shops than Tokyo. We just hope they keep the pastrami.

Whatever happens, best of luck to those involved, and we hope to see this space put to good use soon.


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  • ES

    That’s a shame. I had always meant to go in there and try the pastrami. It looked…interesting.

    • Danny

      the pastrami tasted like dog ass.  i had heartburn for 2 days

  • NSF

    Never did think combining vastly different cuisines was a smart idea. Ro-talian proves it!

  • OMG

    Based on the one time I bought a Romanian Pastrami sandwich which was soaked in liquid smoke to the point that I threw it out. This place could only have been a money laundry for the mob.

    • geneee

      where the hell do u get this from? 

    • Anonymous

      It wasn’t liquid smoke. They smoked the pastrami over hickory chips in the backyard.

      • OMG

        Regardless of their method. It totally sucked and was inedible. There are hardly any customers in store (i’ve asked other merchants). And if not a mob laundry, then what just bad business sense.

  • I didnt even know it had changed owners!