BREAKING: Hit & Run Car Crash On Ocean Ave, Ave Y


Police are on the hunt Police have arrested a hit-and-run driver who smashed into an SUV with enough force to flip the vehicle onto its side, charging them with a DWI. [UPDATED]

The accident occurred at approximately 10:20 p.m. when the SUV was traveling south on Ocean Avenue. Witnesses said the SUV blew through a red light, and another vehicle traveling west on Avenue Y smashed into its side. The SUV flipped, and the driver of the other vehicle drove off.

Flatbush Scoop is now reporting that the driver who fled the scene was apprehended a few blocks away at Avenue Y and Bedford Avenue, and charged for driving while intoxicated.

A witness helped pull the woman from the car, and, later, paramedics put her in an ambulance. The extent of her injuries are unknown, but the ambulance remained on-scene for some time.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available.



  1. i’ve posted this before. In 2003, I was on a murder trial that made a small column in the newspapers. Not murder as we know it, but a drunk driver hit an EMT truck, killing one of the guys. In NY, that’s upgraded to murder 2, by law. The trial was heartbreaking for us jurors, because the guy we had to convict wasn’t a criminal by any means. He drove drunk, we had to convict (not guilty on the top charge, but he got minimum 4 years in jail, i read later.)

     So, for that reason among many others, I strongly urge everyone to take seriously the admonishments against drinking while driving.

    Anyone interested in knowing what it’s like to be on such a case, here is the link to the page on my site:

  2.  That Ocean Avenue in our area is turning to a deadly Ave.  Glad they got the guy. They should suspend his drivers license & never get it back.  Book him & let him rot. I just hope no one got really hurt. Any more news on the lady?

  3. Unless there’s concrete evidence the SUV driver went through the red light, he can’t be charged with a damn thing!

  4. This is why you should never ever ever drive after drinking alcohol.  You can be the  best driver is the world and not do anything wrong, but if someone else hits you or something happens that is not your fault and that person get’s killed or hurt you will be going to jail for long time simply cause you had alcohol in your system and were involved in the incident.

  5. I saw that and was wondering where the other car was…..Now I know.
    Who took the pics? I don’t see any credit.

  6. a good neighbor on

    as long as you got hit by a hit and run driver, you will be forgiven and covered by your insurance for a brand new car. :)

  7. Brightonresident on

    According to the article the SUV is the one who ran the light causing the accident.  The other guy should be arrested for leaving the sight of an accident, but what about the driver of the SUV for running the light!

  8. I saw a Nissan Maxima with the front smashed in at Bedford Ave and Ave Y while I was driving home around 10:30. The car was surrounded by two police cars an I saw 4-5 police as well.

  9. a good neighbor on

    good work guys. i heard the loud boom while watching tv. all i remember seeing was a guy running along ave. y from ocean ave. toward east 21st. st. didn’t know it was that serious.