BREAKING: Garage Fire on East 18th Street


An “all hands” call went out approximetely 6:00pm tonight for a garage fire at 2653 East 18th Street. The garage is fully detached, located behind the main house and not visible from the street. The main house is currently un-occupied and under construction.

Neighbors told Sheepshead Bites that a “gang” of local teenage boys have been using the garage as a place to smoke dope and drink. Some of the neighbors believe that the “boys” set the fire themselves as “3 white kids”were seen leaving the garage earlier in the day.

No one was injured and the fire was contained by approximately 6:30 tonight. Adjoining buildings and houses appear to be untouched by the fire.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional  photos, please send them to Tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com


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  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Robert.  I’m on Ocean Avenue and I’ve been smelling smoke since 6:00.  Couldn’t figure out where it was from.  Glad it’s under control and no one was hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Damn kids!

    Hope my info led you to the right place, sorry for being inaccurate.  Was kinda trying to get away as quickly as i could, the smoke around Stop and Shop was Horrible!

    • Superhero

      have you heard the saying snitches get stitches?

      • Anonymous

        Have you heard the saying

        Fuck with the bull and get the horns?

  • The site should have been secured well enough to make it difficult for trespassers to get in. Has the project been abandoned? If not, how is it that workers did not act upon the fact that the property was being regularly trespassed upon.

    Temptation leads to activity. It’s amazing we don’t have more “accidents” such as this.

    • C Langdell

      Attractice Nuisance doctrine is bullshit. Parents need to start raising their kids with some send of whats right vs. wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Waive child abuse.

        kids need to get spanked every now and then to understand what wrong is.

    • as usual, everyone but the perpetrators are blamed.

      • I knew someone who lost a house because the rebuilders of the house next to them didn’t secure the premises adequately.

        I don’t tolerate irresponsibility. Especially when cutting costs are involved.

  • This is all I have to say.