Open Thread Mondays: And We’re Back!


Our planned site maintenance appears to have gone well. We’ve still got a lot of back-end tweaking to do today to ensure the best experience possible for you readers, so we’re going to focus on that.

If you see anything acting strangely – broken links, missing images or gremlins crawling out of your computer screen – please e-mail nberke [at]sheepsheadbites [dot]com and let me know.

While I’m taking the time to make this post, I’d also like to give an ENORMOUS thank you to Ilan Patao of Ilan, a longtime reader of Sheepshead Bites, offered to help us out with the switch. He came into the office and guided us through the entire process. Without his help, I’d probably be curled up in a dark corner, crying and sucking my thumb while my server burst into flames.

Thanks again for your patience as we make this transition. Here’s your Monday heap o’ open thread.

UPDATE: Speaking of back-end tweaking, it looks like Disqus isn’t a fan of our new configuration. It appears I may not be able to get this resolved so quickly, and new posts may not immediately allow commenting. We’re working hard to figure it out.  Fixed!!

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  • Ned Berke

    We fixed it! Hooray us!

  • Daniel Gershburg Esq

    Its too late, Ned.  You’ve been gone too long. I don’t even know if anyone is coming back.  

  • Nick the Rat

    Ned, i love this site. it brings the rage out in me. the people running the show do not care shit about the citizens. they only care about $$$. i say, fuck the american dream.

    • Anonymous

      That’ funny Nick – this site brings out the rage in me too! 

  • Ilan Patao

    Thank you for the kind words, always my pleasure to help. If you ever need anything else you know me; your blog pwns all.

  • Knightmare6

    Can’t view it on the Camino browser at work, but it works on Firefox

    • Knightmare6

      Works good now!

  • Jim

    Anyone know what the firetrucks were doing in the shipping center between Y and Z on Nostrand sunday night? Looked like a lot of them.

  • nolastname

    McD’s advertisement! Damn caching. Can you hook up a link for coupons?