Viktor Kolodiy, 34, Shot To Death For iPhone


Source: William Hook/Flickr

There are few things worth killing for in this world. An iPhone just ain’t one of them.

Unfortunately, at least one person disagrees, proving it by shooting and killing a 34-year-old Sheepshead Bay resident at around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Police responded to a 911 call of a male shot inside the lobby of an apartment at 2701 Ocean Avenue, near Avenue W. When they arrived, officers found Viktor Kolodiy, who lived in the building, bleeding out of one gunshot wound to the torso.

According to the New York Post, two friends of the victim said the incident occurred following an argument over an iPhone between the victim and at least one suspect. The suspect pulled a gun and shot Kolodiy in the back.

EMS responded and transported the victim to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

There are no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

Crimes involving iPods, iPads and other popular consumer electronics are on the rise, but are usually limited to theft, muggings and the occasional assault – especially on the subway, as noted by Gothamist.

The murder comes less than four months after an eerily similar case in upper Manhattan. In May, a 24-year-old father was shot to death for an iPhone also in his apartment lobby. Three people – including a teenager – were taken into custody in connection with the investigation.


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  • Anonymous

    when someone is pulling a gun on you and asking you for your wallet or your iphone.. just give it to them..   it’s not worth dying for. 

    Same thing happened years back then some Russian guy was shot and killed when he was coming home from sheepshead bay train station..    only for 20$ that he had in his wallet.

    •  That’s assuming it’s just a simple robbery. Some people are sick enough to do acts of violence just for the sake of it. The stolen items/money are not always the ultimate goal, but an after-thought.

      Condolences to the family though, in their time of grievance!

      • for some reason, i bet the guy who got shot was talking shit and acting macho before he got shot. ALL SPECULATION :D

        • We don’t know. There are all sorts of scenarios that could lead to this outcome.

        • MyBrooklyn

          Are you trying to justify this murderous act? Looks like you are…I beleive if you touch someone you already went overboard if they never put a finger on you…

  • Kon


  • NSF

    It’s a sad
    commentary on our society, and human nature, that despite continuing advances
    in modern technology that generally improve our lives, there are always those with immoral thoughts
    who find a way to exploit it for criminal activities and/or dishonest personal
    The only thing the rest of us can do is to protect our loved ones and possessions the best we can and surrender material things when you’re faced with a life or death choice.

    May Mr. Kolodiy rest in peace.

    • Squall817

      rofl i like how you’re trying to sound smart, faggot

  • Anonymous

    Awful. So sorry for family. We need beat cops again, walking the streets (not pepper spraying protesters downtown NYC).

    • Anonymous

      walking the streets is not going to show how democratic we are, spraying protesters who are also women on the other hand is very democratic, as a matter of fact it looks like Syrian democracy!

      • Anonymous

        Beat cops to protect innocent people on the ever-increasing crime-ridden streets of Brooklyn. Yes, it did look like Syria. Horrible.

  • so were the friends there watching this go down? did the robber get the iphone (track him!)? so many questions!!!

  • Brian1010101010

    It is outrageous thhat this would happen!! I blame it on steve jobs first of alll for creating a product that so many people could use. The I phone is practically like another world of doingg things. No one deserves this fate over a machine, I blame you steve jobs!

    • Well if you’re going to go that route… would it not make more sense to blame the gun manufacturer? Or even the guilty party’s parents?

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes i wonder if the people who post these comments are really that dumb…

        • You won’t like the answer…

        • Yep. There is an argument that he could have used to blame the “iphone”. But he took the wrong boat.

          Let’s face it, we do live in a society where we make statements about who we are by what we own. It may be seen by some as the division between the superior and inferior people. Those who don’t have are programmed to want. Some who are programmed to want, take. 

          Iphones (and all sorts of other “I” things) are sold in part as status symbols. Unlike so many of the status symbols of earlier times these “toys” are available to more people. The creates a larger schism between those who have, and those who don’t. They can triggers for rage.

  • Anonymous

    you can track people via MobileMe….  that Iphone can be Tracked if it’s on….

  • LeaterK


  • BrooklynBus

    I don’t blame Steve Jobs but rather the media that brainwash you into believing that these items such as iPhones and iPads are so necessary that you can’t live without them. People are dumb enough to flash these around not knowing that a few people are willing to kill or severely injure someone to obtain one.

    A few months ago Jay Leno told of someone who sold a kidney so he could buy an iPad 2. Leno joked what’s he going to do when the iPad 3 is released?


      what kind of phone do you have

      • LeaterK

        He has no phone.

  • Allanb

    They can track his iPhone easily, it’s one of the features of having an iPhone now, that you can find it if it’s lost. They need his account info however to do it. I wonder if a murder investigation warrants that kind of support from Apple? 

    • levp

      Perhaps only if cops pay Apple $19.95…

    • Anonymous

      FFS it should.!

      however if the person didn’t setup a MobileMe account…….they might be shit out of luck.

  • Hotbabe

    the bitch shouldve waited another few weeks since iphone5 will be coming soon