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  • nolastname

    Why is there a black frame around the pic? Is that why it seems out of focus?
    Boris this one is OK, you usually contribute better.This comes from a real amateur. Me. 

    • ES

      It’s not out of focus. He chose to selectively focus on one aspect of the frame, that point being the part of the fence closest to him, and the background is out of focus because he was playing with DOF (aperture). He shot the image with a Canon 50D at 1/400, f/4 (which may be his lens’ sweet spot), ISO-100, and at those settings, there is just enough light let in, and the shutter speed is fast enough, to ensure a perfectly sharp, perfectly exposed image.

      • nolastname

        Yeah, thanks for the 101 Erica. Now the other picture of Boris’ that you used today in the L Mag. story is much better an example of what you preach.

        Just what are the qualifications for a photo at this point in time? It keeps mutating to allow things at will. Is there any method to the madness?

  • Georgia

     To me it looks nice and clean cut the picture not the bridge.  Can you imagine what the bridge would look like if it was cleaned and painted also swept. That bridge became a mess.

    • Ron B

      This is an old photo, the entire bridge was repainted gray a few months ago. It was vandalized twice since and repainted again.

      • Georgia

        Oh thank you Ron B I have not seen it in a while. Some people are such slobs in the neighborhood they just don’t care. Repainted a vandalized see how bord some people are?
        thnaks again

        • Ron B

          Remember it is all about maintenance.
          Notice how the white brick wall of Grady HS is always spotless, notice how Banks are Always spotless, notice how public housing buildings are always spotless,
          this is because the vandals realize that these surfaces will be cleaned up asap, this is why they do not waste their time. Remember Morris’ ???? Discount store on SB Road & East 16th, the walls were always vandalized and there were solid gates which were vandalized as well, then Chase moved in and ….. No Gates No garbage and No graffiti.

  • Cabbie

    yeah, yeah – nice pic.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my fellow Sheepshead Biters out there in cyberland!

    hey Ned – I just got a free announcement out there!

    • No you didn’t. A bill is in the mail. ;)

      Happy New Year!

  • Boris S.

    1st of all…I noticed something weird with this photo. It actually seems more OOF than the original. Not sure if that’s because of the low resolution format or compression used for this site. In any case, here is the original: http://www.flickr.com/photos/itsmeboris/5255063866/  Here you can view a larger size of the image above.
    2nd of all: The image above has selective focus on the graffiti. I actually took several shots of this overpass with various apertures to see which DOF gave the best effect. A wide DOF made this photo less interesting (at least to my eye).
    As for the black frame, I frame many of my shots in post production if I feel it adds to the photo.

    With regards to nolastname’s comments: “Just what are the qualifications for a photo at this point in time? It
    keeps mutating to allow things at will. Is there any method to the
    madness?” and “Boris this one is OK, you usually contribute better.This comes from a real amateur. Me.”
    I find it annoyingly amusing that a self proclaimed “real amateur” does photography critique and criticism without knowing the most elementary principals of light and composition. I don’t claim to be an expert myself. For this reason (and out of respect) is exactly why I hold my tongue when I see a bad photo on this site or elsewhere.


    • nolastname

      Thanks for the original. The pic shown here looks bland in comparison. It is a world of difference. Glad I am amusing even it is annoyingly. I don’t claim to be a critique…I just have an opinion and in some fashion your response agrees with me. 
      The qualification question was not an answer I expected and especially not for you to provide the reasoning.
      At one point pictures had to be new, unaltered and not framed.
      I mean no disrespect to you, like I said you usually do produce nice pictures.
      And while I am at it..I at least know when to use a flash…..paying attention

  • winson

    I took a video of a Q train from the bridge back in March 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbGJpiXdXDw

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