NY Post: Sheepshead Bay Has A Crime Problem


Source: davidsonscott15/Flickr

Looks like the city press is catching on to something we’ve already noted at Sheepshead Bites: Sheepshead Bay’s crime rates are up for the year. Oh, and the rest of the city is catching up.

The New York Post is reporting that we are just a couple of crimes away from crossing over into a citywide crime increase. We’re currently down for the year a measly .01 percent, with nine problematic precincts pulling the rest of the city towards and overall increase. And Brooklyn seems to be leading the way in number of precincts with a rise in crime, with five of the nine based in the county of Kings.

The eight other precincts seeing an “alarming spike in crime” are:

  • 34th Precinct in Washington Heights, Manhattan
  • 90th Precinct in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • 42nd Precinct in Tremont, Bronx
  • 66th Precinct in Borough Park, Brooklyn
  • 76th Precinct in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
  • 77th Precinct in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • 100th Precinct in Rockaway, Queens
  • 113th Precinct in St. Albans, Queens

According to the Post, NYPD brass are launching a “get-tough” policy to pressure police commanders to reduce rates.

How have the increased crime rates in Sheepshead Bay affected you? Do you think this is becoming a worse area to live in, or is it just an anomaly that will work itself out?


  1. You remember how “Real America” turned out for the last candidate who used that phrase, don’t you? #2008

  2. So true. Look how FDR screwed up the country with his New Deal and prolonging the Depression. I love Texas! When you guys secede from this growing Fascist country I hope that I’ll be allowed into the Real America that our Founding Fathers envisioned, not the weak one that is called Obamamerika.

  3. Jose P, I could not have written anything more to the point myself. While there is crime SB what scares me more the fat men and short fat ladies in blue. They are far more of a concern than the crooks.

    Crooks need to hide and operate under the fear of being caught. Cops violate your civil rights all the time and arrest you if you say boo. This is a police State of at least a police city.

    NYPD = New York Police/Pig Dominion

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  5. Bosphotoman1947 on

    Hey one of Govenors became President, and his TexsasDad was President and LBJ was from Texas.  You last Gov was FDR if I am not mistaken

  6. Bosphotoman1947 on

    My 4  Grandparents came from Italy and settled in Sheepshead Bay.  I would visit in the Summer.  Remember the dinner down buy the water and a super Market named Bohacks. Yeah it is smart to protect yourself , if you don’t want to do that just call the cops , and they can come get your beaten, robbed ass , or worse.

  7. You don’t need a permit to conceal and carry in all of Brooklyn, it’s who you know.
    Now to wear it on your hip…’ya better have papers.

  8. one thing has nothing to do with the other, but i just got this Sweet arse Smith & Wesson Special OPS watch. 

    Also, how did a Texan hear about SBites?

  9. Brightonresident on

    And we  know how smart you Texans are, just look at your governors!  Just so you understand, NOT SMART!

  10. Bosphotoman1947 on

    Dosn’t anyone in Sheepshead Bay have a conceal carry permit? If not why?  Here in Texas we don’t call the cops we call our friend. Smith & Wesson, or maybe or other friend Glock.  If you have crime problems you can’t depend on the cops alone to protect you,. I had been to Sheepshead Bay and remember a pizza store under the elevated train station. That was great pizza

  11. There is absolutely no crime in the 61st Precinct. Lots of unreported jaywalking, that stupid citizens thought were robberies and burglaries. What more could you expect from an entire precinct who “moonlights” for the russian mob? NYPD: Where the “P” Stands for Parking tickets and Payoffs.

    When will the FBI and Justice Dept swarm upon those “honest” cops at the 61?

  12. There will always be spikes in crime but the NYPD had better take this seriously. The real probalem will come during the next Mayor’s term. Bloomberg for all faults has kept crime under control. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has done a great job with the full support of Bloomberg.

    BUT the next mayor is more likely to be a leftist democrat like Bill Thompson or Bill DeBlasio who will tie the hands of the NYPD. I hope I’m wrong but I’m starting to worry.

  13. Barkingspider7 on

    Jeez Tuth – I got off the train a little after you, and I am really glad that I missed that scene.  I have to agree with you that the cops are much more interested in chasing the black car drivers from the station entrances, than doing their real job.  I have been saying for many years that the officers in the 61 are useless, and I stick to that.  Things will never change in this community, because cops are nothing but a bunch of scared little girls.  DI Mastrokostas and his entire staff have to man up.  Maybe they can take a self defense course.  That may help.

  14. Barkingspider7 on

    where is the 61 on this list?  Just the list of murders in SB should have given them the “fame” that those butt plugs deserve

  15. with such small numbers, it may just be a statistical variance. One certainly needs more data than a  year-to-date figure.

  16. Anomaly.  A long term anomaly.  Every neighborhood will see crime rates swing in both directions.  Bad economies also lead to spikes in crime across the board, and our economy hasn’t been healthy in some time now.

  17. Anomaly.  A long term anomaly.  Every neighborhood will see crime rates swing in both directions.  Bad economies also lead to spikes in crime across the board, and our economy hasn’t been healthy in some time now.

  18. Sorry but, how exactly do you know they are smoking heroin?   maybe it’s pot? or crack? or meth? or Salvia (which is legal herb).

    should tell the guys at 911 you think one of them has a gun. ( cause most druggies carry something like that)

  19. yea, the oxycotin and roxy epidemic has most of my friends smoking synthetic heroin. its pretty sad, and most of them are out in th emiddle of the night trying to catch a jux

  20. Just to drive the point home I got off the train today at 5pm and there was one of  them literally sleeping on the sidewalk in her own filth. The cops are in front of the station often but they seem to be more concerned with illegally parked livery drivers than with drunkenness and loitering.

  21. How do you know they’re smoking heroin? Not that they aren’t, but I wouldnt even be able to tell if they were. I’d just think they were smoking pot. Which bottom hall are you talking about?

  22. How do you know they’re smoking heroin? Not that they aren’t, but I wouldnt even be able to tell if they were. I’d just think they were smoking pot. Which bottom hall are you talking about?

  23. The real problem in our neighborhood is the drug problem among the teenagers. If the 61st would do something about the drugs than I bet the crime rate would go down. I have little darlings smoking what I believe to be heroin in my bottom hall almost daily. When I call 911 no one comes, I call the precinct they say call 911. I see the kids all times of day, so I know they can’t be working, yet they have wads of cash when they pull it out to (I pretty sure) buy the drugs.

  24. Barkingspider7 on

    I have to agree with you Tuth.  It is so disgusting under the station early in the morning with all the creepy, skanky, sleezy people there.  But if you want the cops, 99% of the time. all you have to do is cross the street and there are the same 2 officers in Dunkin Donuts, stuffing their faces almost every day.  No joke.

  25.  i got robbed of an IPOD and the police Precinct said i should of file a police report because they will never find it.

  26. They may try to show a reduction of crime by making it difficult to file police report.

    They may discourage victims of crime from filing police reports.

  27. While it would not shock me if I get robbed in the area, so far had not happened I feel the neighborhood is pretty safe.  With that being said, when are the police going to clean up the street under the train station.  The merry little band of alcoholics, beggars, and druggies is getting bigger and dirtier.  While it’s not illegal to be dirty, I do believe public drunkenness is a crime