TONIGHT: Free Movie Screening On Coney Island Beach



If your idea of a great way to spend an evening is sitting on the beach while watching “Saturday Night Fever,” you’re in luck!

Starting tonight, and running until August 29, Rooftop Films — which “couple[s]films with venues, and connect[s]artists with audiences so that each event is unique and memorable” — will be holding a beachside film series in Coney Island, called “Coney Island Flicks On The Beach.”

According to

Selected films will be shown on a jumbo 40-foot screen on the beach at West 10th Street every Monday night from July 11-August 29; screenings are free to the public and begin at dusk.

Here’s the full schedule; more info can be found here.

  • July 11 – Saturday Night Fever
  • July 18 – Rango
  • July 25 – Top Gun
  • August 1 – Iron Man 2
  • August 8 – Annie Hall
  • August 15 – Moonstruck
  • August 22 – Justin Beiber: Never Say Never
  • August 29 – How She Move


  1. That’s one of the  pluses/minuses of never having any kids. My nieces used to keep me up on that stuff, but their kids are too young.

    I did, however fond out about the Rebecca Black thing, and she was beimg compared to Justin Bieber, which was considered a bad thing. The song I heard her swing was no different than anything else I hear on the PA systems in stores.

  2. Barkingspider7 on

    I guess that they wanted to show something that the kids in the neighborhood would enjoy.  I don’t think that any adults would  show up for “the Beibs”

  3. Barkingspider7 on

    How did you manage to stay unexposed?  This kid is huge among the teens!  Personally, I am too old to appreciate him and/or his music, but gotta hand it to him, the girls love him!

  4. Actually, I wasn’t there.  Only read about it after the fact in the Bay News. 

  5. oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. Coney island, i think 2008. I was there too, but not early enough to meet the cast (I did spot Michael Beck). They were selling Warriors jackets for over 200 bucks. I might even have splurged and not eaten for a week, but i figured, you might as well draw a bullseye on me if I wore it around the neighborhood.

  6. Well then it’s time to show it again. The cast of the movie came down to Coney Island a few years ago, I think for a twenty-fifth reunion.

  7. Well then it’s time to show it again. The cast of the movie came down to Coney Island a few years ago, I think for a twenty-fifth reunion.

  8. I was there last night. Movie didn’t start till after 9pm. I understand they had to wait till dark, but still, had to leave after an hour, I’m too old to watch Travolta boogieing at 11pm. I assume as the sun sets earlier, the movie will start earlier. Or, as the great Yogi said, “it gets later earlier these days”.

         Great experience on the beach. I enjoyed it immensely. Warning: some hipsters showed. After 45 years in the neighborhood, I’m thrilled for the publicity and redevelopment and rediscovery of Coney Island.

  9. Sea Breeze Park, 2006 or 2007, I forget. They showed the Warriors. Huge turnout.  I didn’t lock the  door of my apartment that night. I figured anyone who would rob it was at the movies…

  10. If they wanted something appropriate for this area, no movie is more appropriate than The Warriors. 

  11. I have been totally unexposed to this Justin Bieber phenom, and having read the remarks below I consider myself quite fortunate. I assume this movie is recent. And yet it is being shown for free. Is he already a has-been?

  12. How the hell did Justin Beiber: Never Say Never get on this list?  Was the Spice Girl movie rented out for this day?  The should replace it with a more fitting movie for this area such is Rounders or Eastern Promises.