Newsflash: Di Fara’s Is Cheap If You Have A Trust Fund



Time Out New York is out with it’s annual cheap eats issue, and once again, there’s no love for the restaurants of Southern Brooklyn. This Manhattan-centric rag only mentions one restaurant that barely qualifies as being in our part of the world; Di Fara Pizza (1424 Avenue J) in Midwood. Take a look…

For more than 40 years, Italian-born Domenico DeMarco has eaten a slice of his own pizza every day—a one-man quality-control outfit. You know he’s doing something right. His painstakingly crafted regular pies ($25)—cracker-thin crust with a pleasing char and a subtle Parmesan zing—are widely considered to be among the city’s best. Herbs grown in the window boxes flavor the sauce, and the dough is made fresh several times a day. 1424 Ave J at 15th St, Midwood, Brooklyn (718-258-1367)

Now, I love the pizzas at Di Fara, and St. Dom is truly a master. But come on. Would any of you call Di Fara’s $25 pie cheap? Yes, it’s a quality pie made by an artisan, but it’s TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

That ain’t cheap in my book, that’s down right pricey. Frankly, I blame the hipsters and foodies that blindly follow the dictates of the corporate shills at Time Out and the other food media outlets for this (Ed. — The Bite is okay, though. Blindly follow the dictates of The Bite.). Before Slice beatified Domenico DeMarco, Di Fara’s was a neighborhood gem. Oh yes, it was crowded, the waits barely tolerable, and yes, it was always slightly higher priced than others, but it was our place.

Now, Di Fara is the haven of the hipsters, and Dom, being the successful and savvy business man he is, has raised his prices to reflect demand. Screw the hipsters man! Make hay while the sun shines, Dom, but don’t forget that the rain is gonna come. And when it does, I hope that Dom remembers the locals who kept him in business when Manhattan didn’t know he existed.

In the meantime, head over to Coney Island’s Totonno’s or Bensonhurst’s Spumoni Gardens, or better yet, our own Delmar and save yourself some dough while not sacrficing quality or taste.

And Time Out New York, you’ve got to get your head out of your ass.  Leave Manhattan, leave the sterile and overpriced hipster world and check out the offerings of the boroughs. You’ll be shocked to find what $25 can buy.



  2. All that for one pizza? Probably be expensive, but chances are you aren’t spending it all on one pie. Otherwise the pizza’s gonna be crap.

  3. and who the hell would ever go to rolln rooster, let alone sheepshead bay for pizza????

  4. and who the hell would ever go to rolln rooster, let alone sheepshead bay for pizza????

  5. I dare anyone to try to find bufala mozzarella, san marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, grana padano, and parmiagiano reggiano for less than $40, and make it themselves… i’m sure the kosher pizzaria down the block from di fara’s is just as good w/ their fake cheese, and bland sauce for $12……..NOT!!!!!!!!

  6. I just had to push this over the 100 comment mark.

    Dom – may you live, prosper and cook until you’re 101. But do me a solid – lower the  price! I can’t afford to eat there anymore.

  7. Barkingspider7 on

    Spumoni gardens makes a damn decent pizza and a really good shrimp parm hero.  I like their spumoni also – it doesn’t upset my stomach like Ben and Jerry’s.

  8. Local Broker on

    I was going to write the same exact thing as far as the pizza goes. I have been there a few times mostly to take someone thats heard of them and wanted to try the pizza and i was never wowed. The cost is absurd considering we dont live near there it cost alot more when you take transportation into account and its just not worth the time or money. I have eaten pizza all over this country (unfortunately) and all over this city i would go back to delmars for a pepperoni slice (or pie) any day of the week. If you pay 6 bucks for a slice of pizza your a sucka.

  9. It’s still cool but now because its been exposed to a different crowd its more expensive and seeing all those hipsters there cheapens the experience.

    From the post –

    “Before Slice beatified
    Domenico DeMarco, Di Fara’s was a neighborhood gem. Oh yes, it was
    crowded, the waits barely tolerable, and yes, it was always slightly
    higher priced than others, but it was our place.
    Now, Di Fara is the haven of the hipsters, and Dom, being the
    successful and savvy business man he is, has raised his prices to
    reflect demand.”

    You’re right that thinking something is not cool anymore just because others know about it is the hipster mentality but I don’t think thats what this post was trying to say.

  10. It’s a self-fulfilling, self-destructive way.  They want it to be their ‘secret’, and then complain that there’s no noteriety.  Then, when they finally get some noteriety, they jump up and down and blame the Manhattan elite and now the hipsters too for giving them the noteriety they complain about never getting.

    Such land-locked ways for a coastal community!

  11. Ones you try DiFara slice ….you will forget Roll and Roster and even move to Ave J

  12. See… problem is that totonno’s, spumoni and delmar aint got shit on Di Fara. 

    Yea you could buy large pie from spumoni or delmar for13$ but it could not compare to DiFara. So if you like quality pizza ones in the while and dont mind waiting for 2 hours to get it go to Difara

  13. I like their thin slices, but that’s about it. The wait is way too long and the price is just too high. I wouldn’t mind waiting if the price was cheaper or the price stayed the same, but the wait was very minimal, however high price and long waits don’t mix well.

    Thankfully you can now place orders on their FB page, but you have to hear back from them first to ensure the order is received. Or the old-fashioned, phoned-in orders… Afterwards you can just pick it up.

  14. Actually it probably did, considering what diseases and parasites may have taken root in the corpse… The deaths would’ve happened later on though, and probably been misdiagnosed in those primitive times.

  15. Maybe the most over-rated entity of all time. The one time I stayed on the line and overpaid for the pizza, boy was I disappointed. Greasy, with a taste that was, well, good, but no better.

     This place is living proof of the psychology of the herd mentality.  You see such psychology throughout history, especially financial history: tulips, cabbage patch dolls, internet stocks, most recently real estate.

        A critical mass of popularity is reached, and after that becomes just a mania…. I’m lucky to live right near the best pizza I know of: Del Mar.

  16. Well…………That solves Everything.

    Your a Fraud just like all the models in the Magazines! LOL!

  17. At the end of the post – 

    “And Time Out New York, you’ve got to get your head out of your ass.
     Leave Manhattan, leave the sterile and overpriced hipster world and
    check out the offerings of the boroughs. You’ll be shocked to find what
    $25 can buy.”

    I think Time Out New York should stay in Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn and stay out of Southern Brooklyn. If they start reviewing places here the hipsters will start coming.

  18. Matthew Resnick on

    My comment to friends is this: I can get good, very good in fact, pizza in my neighborhood. I don’t wait. Difara’s is not so good that it’s worth all of this…crazy. 

  19. Hey robert, thanks for tipping off the douche-bags up north about the other pizza joints down here. now they’re gonna get over-run by these dicks too!

  20. you’re a pissa! (not to be confused with pisa).

    i agree with you whole-heartedly.

    first i was gonna boycott chipp for shooting their mouths off about my beloved totonos and l&b. But i gave ’em a chance anyway.

    the first time i went there i orderd a margherita doc ($14.95), and they tried to pull a fast one on me by giving me a regular margherita. i was watching the guy make it and called him on it. he acted like he made an honest mistake – NOT! There’s several things this brooklyn boy knows, and pizza is one of them.

    So, several months later my pal wants to check the joint out and i got suckered into giving them a second chance. we ordered the margherita doc and it sucked
    (much like the first time). soggy, watery…i think they gave us the regular margherita pie, though this time i wasn’t watching the dude make it.

    I wouldn’t go back there EVER!

    They should change the name to CHITT!   

  21. Roll and Roaster makes the most incredible pizza — I agree. With the onions on top? To. Die. For.

  22. The plan is to pass it down to his daughter. Just as his son has opened in Manhattan and Vegas

  23. I used to know a 93 year old attorney, Sharp as a whip, all the younger attorneys went to him when they were stumped. Keeping up what you’re doing is often the best way of staying healthy and interested in life,

    He could be still doing this 20 years from now if he wants to.

  24. He could…..but is he gonna work that long? If pizza there is now 6 then thats the second increase in a year. He’s likely maxing out his profit before he retires or passes the torch to someone else. The former owner of Del Corso who was trained by him claimed he has express permission to replicate his pies, but was waiting out of respect.

  25. dang, who’s that in your facebook pic?

    if thats you, i would never believe your a day older then 30.

  26. Oh yes, we’ll agree that there are comment goons, but you also drew out the true believers as well. Robert does have his loyal readership.

    When you get to my age you exchange all the other stuff and they give you age cred. It’s not worth very much, so one uses it whenever possible.

  27. A friend of mine (lay-off) said they pay hundreds an hour for lecturing professor but only give a few hours on a few days. Can I ask why you left after a year?

  28. Avenue X and East 22 Street makes an excellent pizza. The specialty slices are 3 bucks. My favorite is the chicken caesar with a cup of fruit punch. Yummy.

  29. “Not burdened with Manhattan rents YET”. The trends of “hipsters” (sorry) set the way. 

  30. As said on Facebook….. I think Sheepshead Bites should buy it Cheap, and open up a Food eatery.

    Edit: wasn’t said by me however. (not taking anyone’s credit)

  31. Yea seriously!
    Fuckin Booths…. Who do these people think they are trying to keep us out like that!

    FPR = Fat People REVOLT!

  32. Sheepshead Bites definitely has its share of comment goons, judging from the explosion of racist comments that flooded every post about the recent Brighton Beach shooting.

    I’d be 48 too if my mom had gotten knocked up when she was 8. I’m glad she waited until many years later, I don’t mind the lack of age cred for it.

  33. Ned, I can’t. I literally lose work when I do that. If I’m not in the car and don’t answer the radio then the Dispatcher gives it to someone else and will even “punish” you by skipping the next few jobs that come in or only give you small jobs for 6$ with no tip. Besides, just where the hell am I supposed to park over there? If I call ahead and request Curbside, then call again when I’m outside it takes 3 seconds to bring me the food and take my money (and a dollar tip for their trouble). Plenty of other places in “No Standing” zones do this just fine. The Bagel Store on Ocean Ave next to Chipp and the Bagel Store on Emmons/Nepture/Shore do it without any issues.

    Edit: Besides, even if I could park and go inside, where the fuck am I supposed to sit? Delmar is NOT friendly to fat people. It’s all booths.

  34. Technically, they’re not allowed to do curbside. They’ve complained about the new “No Stopping” signs and they and their customers have been issued violations. Arthur, not to bring you down, but get out of the freakin’ car every once in a while.

  35. Short of Mr. DeMarco becoming modern day Typhoid Mary I can close my eyes to all those “minor” infractions.
    Good pizza requires sacrifice and since you already sacrificing health when you have a slice it’s not a big deal if his apron is a little dirty.

  36. I’m confused, what $5? You mean for a slice of pizza? Well first of all it’s $6 slice and second I get company of a good looking woman who hopefully is good conversationalist.
    Btw you do know this is internet right? I’m not really buying her pizza, I don’t know her name. She probably thinks I’m modern day Jame Gumb (aka Buffalo Bill). Also no one guaranties it’s her pic. Who knows she might be modern day Countess Elizabeth Bathory with the looks of Rosie O’Donnell mixed with Kathy Bates.
    Plus what the hell can you expect after $6 dollar pizza?


    According to NYC Department of Health. April they had 48 point of violations.
    They had time to fix it.
    May violations still include
    1) Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
    2) Personal
    cleanliness inadequate. Outer garment soiled with possible contaminant.
    Effective hair restraint not worn in an area where food is prepared.
    Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to
    attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.

  38. The pizza is not worth more than $1 a slice.
    The article never said anything against hipsters.
    how much tax has this pizzeria paid?

  39. In that case I weep for today’s youth.  Just kidding, not really, well kind of.

  40. The guys at Delmar need to drop the fucking attitude when asking for Curbside delivery. Either they do it or they don’t they need to make up their fucking minds.

    That said their slices are fucking amazing.

  41. There is no pizza place on Oriental and Ocean…..Manhattan Beach only has two pizza places. The one by KBCC and PapaLeone on West End Ave.

  42. Hey, I’ve been here for seven years total. Seven year bitch!

    And you know I love to troll to just get the comment goons started. :)

  43. I actually taught for a year at Hunter, so your sarcasm re: being a lecturing professor falls flat. Good points, though.

  44. Stef is a redhead and cute one at that. I’ll buy her DiFara slice any day of the week :)

  45. I can not care less who is running Connie’s. It can be Jesus himself and I still tell him that his slice is no good if it’s not. In my opinion the problem is that ether oven temperature is low or they changed dough and did not adjust time accordingly. Their is no crust, none. Also cheese is not runny, even though I’m pretty sure they are using same cheese as before. They might have however changed sauce.

    Prefect pizza is in many ways like a perfect lover. She doesn’t have to be as pretty as model. She has to be multidimensional,  good girl on the outside (crispy crunchy) and whore in bed (gooey and soft). Both have to be hot, both require your undivided attention, both make your juices flowing, both make you desire her all the time, and both leave you unbelievably satisfied.  More importantly after you had it, you want no other, she is one and only for you. Everyone else just pales in comparison.

  46. Thank you professor.  Stating “supply and demand” in order to demonstrate economic principles is so, oh, 1980s.  What about fiduciary duties (to borrow a business term), collusion, and business bubbles?

    Brooklyn probably has over a 1000 pizzerias.  Now, no one expects a reviewer to taste all of them but it wouldn’t it be prudent of them to recommand someone different from time to time just for the sake of the reader?  Everyone already knows about Di Fara.  That’s fiduciary duty.  The magazine would rather go for the safe play and recommend the same thing everyone else is, a form of collusion I suppose.

    Finally Di Fara is in a business bubble.  The quality of the pizza has fallen yet the line and the price have increased, not a good sign.  A few bad reviews or a photo of a rat sleeping on the oven taken by an ever-ready hipster and they are done.  But please do feel free to lecture us some more.

  47. You’re missing the point here. Manhattan-centric means that that values are espoused which reflect a pin-hole view of the world. Like as not, Di Fara’s is a Brooklyn pizza parlor, It may have caught the attention of people who live in places where places are ridiculously inflated, but it is still in Midwood. Di Fara’s is not burdened with Manhattan rents, and with lines that are ridiculously long he’s not hurting for customers. Someday, however, the trendmakers will cast their gaze on other places, such is the way of the world. And DiFara’s will once again be a locally focused eatery. But when that occurs, the locals may not materialize, especially with a $25 pizza.

  48. Barkingspider7 on

    Wow!  $25/pie – $6/slice – thats a huge amount of money to pay for pizza.  I love pizza – it’s my favorite thing to eat, but no pizza is so good that I would pay that amount of money.  Roll and Roaster (believe it or not) makes a really good pizza.  Get it with the extra mozzarella and it is $6. 

  49. Barkingspider7 on

    Connies really did not change hands.  Sal sold the business to the guys who were already working there with him. I don’t know why they had such problems in the beginning – they already knew the business.  Now they are clean and the pizza is good.  I like their white slice.

  50. What?! People enjoy a genuinely good restaurant, and widely-read magazines have the nerve to review it, thereby bringing in new customers who want to try it?! How dare they!

    Heads up: the “This cool thing that we knew about before you is not cool anymore now that you know about it” mentality is why people hate hipsters, and it seems you’re just as guilty of it.

    I get what you were trying to say about it not being cheap eats, but at the same time, supply and demand. High demand affects quality, but New York is also a damn expensive place to live for the DiFara’s staff, who need to pay their bills just as much as we do.

  51. The pizza on Oriental Blvd and Ocean ave is pretty good too.  I think it’s called Roma something….

  52. I agree, I think 40K would be a fair price for this place.  Make it a more traditional pizza and start selling slices.  $5 for 2 slices and a soda!

  53. Oh and one more thing, all of yous, that’s right yous, better support Delmar pizza as it’s the only good pizza left in the neighborhood.
    Also if Delmar guys and that girl who takes orders over the phone reading this: Do not change a thing guys. Do not fuck with recipe that works. If you want to see how much change screws up pizza go buy a slice at Connie’s.
    Thank you Delmar crew.

  54. I will gladly pay for DeMarco’s pie $25. Hell I’ll pay $35 if I did not have to wait.

  55. Anyone who buys that place as is, is a moron.

    They’d have to change the name, change the recipes behind the pies, and start selling slices and MAYBE they can turn a profit.

  56. 25 is cheap compared to buying it at 6 bucks a slice. The worst yet is the quality drop is noticeable. I haven’t had a DiFara’s quality pie at DiFara’s in about 3 years.