Iloune Driver, 19, Arrested In Brighton Beach Shooting

Tysha Jones was a junior at Norman Thomas High School and lived in a Harlem apartment with her mother, Cynthia, her brother and sister, according to friends.

Tysha Jones (Source: Twitter)

Police arrested a 19-year-old suspect named Iloune Driver in connection with Thursday’s bloody Brighton Beach shooting that left one dead and four wounded. Authorities say they’re still on the hunt for a second suspect.

Driver has been charged with second-degree murder and assault with intent to cause serious physical injury.

Tysha Jones, a 16-year-old bystander, was shot dead Thursday after a bullet struck her under the left arm. Four others were also injured as bullets flew wildly on the Riegelmann Boardwalk near Brighton 6th Street, including a patron at Tatiana Restaurant.

According to the New York Post:

Cops said there had been a scuffle in which one youth was hit over the head with a bottle and another was struck with a beach umbrella as hundreds of teens gathered.

As tempers cooled, one of the young men joined three friends — including Jones, of East Harlem — on a boardwalk railing. Two other pals stood nearby.

Two thugs then strode onto the boardwalk and opened fire. Cops said it was unclear whom they were aiming at.

Other media outlets say the person was hit with a bottle, not a beach umbrella. They’re also reporting that it is not believed to be gang related

Police recovered five .380-caliber shells at the scene of the shootout.

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  • Anonymous

    So sad that someone so very young had her life taken away.

    • Anonymous

      specially since she just finished high school :(

      sad story.

  • Anonymous

    Iloune, that’s man’s name right? 

  • Truth

    The suspect had multiple violence and drug related arrests and was still out on the street.  Tragic!

    • Tsb1727

      Liberal judges appointed by liberal politicians.  Throw the bums out!

      • You’re absolutely correct. This is clearly a case of the liberal conspiracy showing itself. Liberals want nothing but criminals on the street killing people to distract from the Democratic Communist takeover of the American government. I’m pretty sure that raging Commie Obama had a hand in this, too.

        • The Weiner business was another clever distraction. Wonder what stunt they’ll think of next?

        • Truth

          Your argument is the definition of Reduction ad Absurdum.  It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy, just a an unintended consequence.

        • Alex

          That’s right Ned!. NY is a liberal state so clearly judges that get appointed will tend to be liberal. If the laws were tougher and bad behavior was not rewarded (welfare/rent subsidies, etc.), you would have a lot less of this nonsense.

          • Anonymous

            just to clarify, how is bad behavior rewarded? welfare and rent subsidies…. i think this whole “culture”, “way of thinking”, is much thicker than welfare and rent subsidies. u gotta scratch past the surface. having welfare and a rent subsidized appt doesnt a gangsta make. 

            and “liberal judges” is such a cliche. a judge doesnt make the laws, but upholds them. if you have a problem with the law, deal with your state senator, councilman, other municipal politicians…

  • Jblu14

    Questions for follow up…
    How did the perp acquire the gun?
    Was the gun registered?
    From which state was the original purchase?
    If this was a red state gun killing blue state people will Wiener’s successor stick to the grindstone to help ensure responsible use and transfer of weapons?

  • Jblu14

    Here are some follow up questions:
    Where did the perp get the gun?
    Was the gun registered?
    What state originally sold the gun?
    Who will be working in Rep Weiner’s absence or stead to ensure that weapons are used responsibly, with accountability in their crossing state lines?

  • TJ

    nice work  NYPD !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Any idea how they caught him exactly?

    • Anonymous

      “He started to run, but didn’t get far
      Cause under his arm was a VCR”

      The Offspring

  • Anonymous

    Any idea how they caught him exactly?

  • JR

    how do we actually know he did it? could be some random kid with a record… 

    • Truth

      They probably have something called “evidence.”  Innocent until proven guilty of course, that’s why the article says “arrested” not “convicted.”

    • gene

      the fucking punks most likely ratted each other out.

      • Anonymous

         i dont know bout that. i’m more inclined to think its some kid with a record who happened to be on brighton beach (but then again….). i mean with the whole culture of “no snitchin” is very dominant. i didnt think that these perps would be caught at all.

        • Truth

          The culture of “no snitch” is dominant in rap videos and preached by gang leaders who don’t want to take the rep for the crime.  Mostly people don’t snitch not cause of some noble code but because they afraid of retaliation.  Just like with the Italian mob, which supposedly has more discipline, if snitching means lessening your own punishment any dirt bag will sing like a cannery.

          • gene

            rats are every where. 

        • gene

          when a few of them get thrown in the box with the pressure on them, they will talk. 

  • Mofo

    When there is a gathering of black youths, trouble is eminent.
    That shooter has a gay name.  Shoot away bitches!

  • crapper

    The whole “No Snitching” phase was a marketing scheme.  Rappers rap about what their label tells them too because it will sell!!! Duh. I too would bet these morons are “snitching” on each other.  You think the shooters friend who, may have been, in the wrong place, at the wrong time wants to go to prison for life and he didn’t pull the trigger?  Hell no.  He’s gonna squeal like a pig being slaughtered.

  • seesnake


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