True Perfection Kitchen Designs Closing For Good


Photo by Arthur Borko

True Perfection Kitchen & Bath Designs, at 3102 Avenue U, is closing for good after opening just 14 months ago.

The score is not very good for the so-called “Ave U Plaza,” which actually faces Gerritsen Avenue, since it has had several businesses come and go in the two years or so since it was built. There was Rosco’s Doggy Day Care, It’s All About Me Now, and probably some others that I forgot, since nothing truly memorable has opened there. Is it the location? The lack of parking? Or simply uninteresting businesses?


  1. We need a damn book store. Where is the closest decent book store? I’ll tell you, I think it’s Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P, that great used book store.

  2. I was just saying I am a Dunkin kid. Sometimes people ask does this neighborhood
    have starbucks? I just look  at them lol 

  3. Within 2 blocks of Sheepshead Bay Station there are 6 places to get good coffee, 3 of them genuine cafes. Why does Sheepshead Bay need a Starbucks? 

  4. LOL LOL Panera Bread sounds great anywhere & anytime.  The bay does not even have a star bucks lol. 

  5. Barkingspider7 on

    There is a 5 guys burger place on 86/5th in Bay Ridge.  It opened about a year ago.

  6. Why is it that generic national chains is everyone’s idea of “thinking outside the box” and “interesting businesses.” I’d rather see something original open up and turn into the NEXT 5 Guys or Panera.

  7. Just always seemed like a bad location. No parking around there, except at Key, and I wouldn’t do that to go to another store.

  8. i had a store there and had to close. the roof needs to be replaced, the plumbing is horrible and u can smell exhaust from the mechanic in the rear daily. not to mention horrible electric problems.

  9. Coming soon... on

    It’s uninteresting businesses.  We need something different. Panera Bread (hah! fat chance)?  How about even a 5 guys (maybe)?  Let’s think outside the box people.

  10. the owner didn’t do his homework…

    If your going to open up a store like that atleast do some promoting… he just opened it up and expected people to come in, i got a price quote from them for something that was Bizarre!  $400 More then Everyone for the same part, Soo guess there was a reason.