Photo: Methodist Church Installs Supports


Cool picture, right? I thought so, too.

The United Methodist Church of Sheepshead Bay (3087 Ocean Avenue), as previously reported, has swapped contractors and gone forward with a temporarily plan to stabilize the steeples. They began putting in the supports on April 29, and now a series of steel wires sprout out of the steeple, distributing its weight around and holding it in place. Cement has been poured in the yard anchoring the entire system, and a support also leans against the side of the steeple’s base.

We’ve heard from some that they don’t think it’s a particularly elegant solution, but I think it looks kind of cool. And, in the end, it means the church is looking to keep the steeples. Let’s just hope they can raise the money they need to restore them properly and safeguard the structure.

  • Bobbi523

    we need the flea market to start

    • Jal5503

      its been running against the fence at waldbaums across the street..nothing but crap

      • They’ve moved to
        Nostrand Avenue between Ave W & Ave X.

        • Anonymous

          The stores there must love that. They should take over the Pathmark space until a real tenant can be found

        • Barkingspider7

          That is a different flea market – it has been there for years. They have a classier vendor group and you don’t have to walk in mud.

      • Barkingspider7

        It was always crap. Trashy vendors, trashy merchandise – walk through the mud. Not liking it at all.

  • ES

    Dude, that photo is giving me vertigo…whoa…

    • Me too. We shouldn’t have said this though. We’ll only encourage Ned to do it again.

      • Yep. I love this photo.

        • I knew that you would say that.

          But you forgot to add that art isn’t always comfortable.

    • Barkingspider7

      LOL! I was thinking the same thing – WHOAAAAAAAAAA!!

  • Barkingspider7

    As long as it takes away the danger factor, it doesn’t have to be pretty. Safety first, beauty last.

  • gene

    they construction is affecting my quality of life! where is BIG!?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      that building was build before your life began, there for making your claim invalid sir.

      • gene


  • Bobbi523

    just so everyone knows that flea market is a family and it is not what you all think. walk through when it opens before passing judgement. I am one of the vendors. and yes it is a great building that should be restored to its original glory part of the bays history