Parks Dept Already Screws Up On Smoking Ban


I thought it would be at least a few weeks before the first screw-ups came to light regarding the new anti-smoking measure, which bans smoking in parks, beaches and other Parks Department property. I thought we’d hear about tickets mistakenly given to old men smoking on a sidewalk next to a park (legal), or on a Parks-controlled bike path next to vehicular traffic, like Ocean Parkway (legal), or to an actor smoking in a theater production in the park (legal).

But I overlooked the little things. Or maybe I just over-estimated Parks Department employees. Because it took literally two days after the bill’s implementation for a reader to spot the above sign, which was probably installed on Monday.

Can you guess what’s wrong with the sign? Can you? Well, nothing, I suppose, except for where it’s placed.

This sign, which reads “No smoking on beach and promenade,” went up at Bill Brown Park, at Avenue Y and Bedford Avenue. That’s right, Bill Brown Park, which has no beaches or promenades. Though there is a sprinkler that I’m not sure is ever actually turned on. And some handball courts. They’re putting down turf, too. But certainly no beaches or promenades.

I’m pretty sure this is a regulation I can comply with. I vow not to smoke – ever – on Bill Brown Park’s beach or promenade.

  • Jerry Attrick

    Is this sign in Amerika?

    • Anonymous


      • Eminem

        Soon every sign will be in 50 languages so as to not exclude anyone. Of course, the cost will prevent anything else from getting done.

  • I thought malls were covered by the regulation. That would make the Ocean Parkway bike path and walkway a no smoking zone.

  • Eminem

    I’m proud to say that in my walks on the boardwalk this week, i’ve seen even more smokers lighting up than before the law was passed. Seems like there’s a quiet protest going on here. And I feel like joining it. And I never smoked a full cigarette of tobacco in my life.

  • Wouldn’t surprise me if the Tobacco Industry pushed for this law, knowing more people will want to light up as a protest, hence only Parks Dept. enforcing it, and not the cops.

    • Anonymous

      you know what from all the campaigns they have done in the past, i wouldn’t be surprised….

  • LOL.  Good catch!  And before I did my 20 years in the NYPD I worked for the Parks Dept.  My last assignment with them?  Bill Brown Playground!  And I’ll have you know that **I** turned on the sprinkler for the kiddies.  It wasn’t easy either.  You have to go to the basement on steep ladder like steps and I seem to recall needing something for leverage (like a pole) in order to turn the wheel for the water.