Overhaul Underway At 99 Cent Century Storefront


Workers have been gutting the storefront at 1506 Sheepshead Bay Road for more than a week, leaving the shell of the former 99 Cent Century that shuttered back in January.

We still have no idea what’s going in there, but contractors have installed a new door and glass front, recessed about 20 feet from the actual front of the building.

1506 Sheepshead Bay Road - the recessed front door.

1506 Sheepshead Bay Road - the recessed front door.

That suggests it could be Sheepshead Bay Road’s fifth-or-so fruit and vegetable market. But, let’s be honest, we’re just guessing here. What other types of businesses make do with a recessed store front?


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  • Edlane Nyc

    Sushi in the front and a third Chase Bank in the back

    • RS

      Don’t forget a free cellphone with every sushi purchase!

  • Footworks

    Is this a site for ANOTHER adult store on Sheepshead bay road…

    If the sex shop store will make good money, another sex shop will open in the area…

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      oh wait, can’t be a checks cashed there is already one on Ave Z…. Hmm…

      Only smart thing to be put there would be a StarBucks! wow the amount of money Starbucks would get from that location…………/gasp

      • That’s a good idea. Their earlier idea of setting up on Nostrand was impractical. It should be where a lot of people usually go. I would go to a Starbucks only if I happen to be near enough to one.

        • A Starbucks here would devastate at least two – possibly three – locally owned and operated cafes, all with better coffee, and who keep their money entirely in the community. I can’t think of anything worse than a Starbucks moving here. 

          • But Starbucks doesn’t have to be a destination. The space where the 99¢ Store was is limited, and somewhat narrow. I see this as a convenience. I for one wouldn’t go out of my way to go to a Starbucks.

            There is already a Dunkin Donuts, and I think a Starbucks might threaten their business most. In many places they do seem to co-exist. But I’m not sure if Sheepshead Bay would continue to support both.

          • On further thought I have to agree that the risk to local business can’t be dismissed. The psychology of having a nearby Starbucks would create an significant amount of business that could affect other cafes.

            I withdraw support.

          • That’s why I’m the editor.


          • Well, after 150 years running Sheepshead Bites you’ve acquired a lot of wisdom.