Men In Black Begins Shooting In Coney Island


Photo by Diana Taft Shumate via Amusing the Zillion

By Howard Simon

PEOPLE OF EARTH! Aliens are here, at Coney Island, and there are people shooting them!

Photo by Howard Simon

No, we’re not talking about early arrivals for The Mermaid Parade, but the ones coming from Hollywood. Not to worry, though, because those Men In Black will be here to protect it, with the man who makes their wardrobe “look good” leading the way.

Filming for Men in Black 3, starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin, began filming yesterday in the People’s Playground. As we told you before, they’ve headquartered in the historic Grashorn Building, saving it from potential demolition.

Now Amusing the Zillion is reporting that they’ve gussied up the boardwalk from West 12th Street to Stillwell Avenue for their time-travel twist, giving it a late-1960s look. Amusing the Zillion has more photos and details on that.

We went on location Wednesday to check out the area where the threequel will be shooting from May 2 to 5 and it was mostly calm before the Hollywood storm, except for an equipment truck on Surf Ave across from the Grashorn Building, and some production assistants on the watch. Most of the pink No Parking signs announcing the Men In Black 3 shoot are posted on West 10th Street and running the length of The Cyclone.

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    • Anonymous

      want a cookie?

      • Anonymous

        maybe two?

  • Anonymous

    thats awesome! wonder where they are staying!?

  • Anonymous

    I saw them building those colorful concessions on the boardwalk when I was there last Friday. Are those a permanent part of Coney or just for the movie???

  • Subway stinker

    I happened by Surf Avenue Tuesday afternoon and the street was clogged with autos
    from the 1960s. I spotted at least two mint condition Corvairs…which one of you nimrods is old enough to remember “Unsafe at Any Speed”? Of course, the Production Assistants would not let me walk toward the Boardwalk/Set, but its good to see Brooklyn getting a piece of the movie making pie.

  • Nicky

    You made me worried that there was an actual shooting, lol.

  • Mrj656

    crap movie

    • Barkingspider7

      How would you know? It’s not even made yet

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