Brooklyn Gets Snubbed This Fleet Week


Source: New York Daily News

One of the meaningless mental notes I’ve made during my life is, while watching old war movies that take place on ships or submarines, I have noticed that there’s almost always some endearing and lovable tough guy aboard the vessel endowed with a thick Brooklyn accent (John Garfield and Dane Clark in “Destination Tokyo” come to mind).

I mention it only because, as a massive convoy of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen sails triumphantly into New York City today in anticipation of Fleet Week, May 26 to 31, the annual celebration of all things maritime, the impressive week-long roster of activities features but one measly two-hour event in Brooklyn, with dozens being held all over Manhattan, Long Island and New Rochelle. Where’s the love?

Members of the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard will present “Air & Water Demonstrations” in Coney Island from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., May 26. Unlike other outer-borough locales, where specific locations were listed for Fleet Week’s seafaring-related events (i.e., at a school, address, or exact coordinate), there is no precise location provided for Fleet Week’s lone Brooklyn event (West 5th Street? West 14th Street? West 37th Street? Come on, help us out here!).

To be fair, Queens and The Bronx were also only bequeathed with a single event while spoiled Jerkhattanites from the opposite side of the Hudson luxuriously bask in their borough comprising the majority of Fleet Week activities. Still, you’d think with our many piers and fishing fleets all over the borough, not to mention those pervasive Brooklyn accents in all the old war movies, we’d get a little more respect, no? In fact, I seem to recall that it was a 24-year-old Marine corporal from Bensonhurst who toppled the statue of Saddam Hussein, ceremoniously proclaiming the fall of Baghdad. Street creds only extend for so long, I guess. You’re only as good as the next gigantic dictator statue you overthrow.

Oh well… like jilted fans of “Dem Bums” were sadly accustomed to constantly telling themselves after the end of nearly every season (*), “Wait ’til next year.”


  1. I have that reaction to some posts as well – mainly Erica’s. It makes me go “wait, what..” until I double check the author. XD I gotta stop assuming everything is written by Ned these days.

  2. Local Broker on

    I didn’t say there was something wrong with it. Point is Ned didn’t write it.  

  3. I see nothing flawed stylewise. It’s a little different than his usual approach to organizing an essay. That’s the only possible matter of interest I see.

    Am I missing something?

  4. Maybe the most important ship in U.S. history, the Monitor was built and launched in Brooklyn.  The Monitor was the Union ship that fought the Merrimack (or CSS Virginia) in the first battle ever between two ironclad warships.
        As you  say, Brooklyn has an extensive naval history.

  5. I have an idea. Follow me on this one. We have a fleet of boats, in the bay, right? Well, when the warships come in, we sail our boats out and divert the battleships, carriers, destroyers, into our bay. Doesn’t seem difficult at all. 
     Reminds me of the final scene in “Animal House”, where that guy with glasses diverts the marching band into an alley.
    And they say I never has a useful idea for the neighborhood. Sheesh!

  6. Local Broker on

    I open this post start reading the first paragraph and start thinking why would Ned write it that way. 

  7. Actually, it would be physically impossible for Brooklyn to be snubbed during Fleet Week!Every ship that sails into New York Harbor navigates through the far western tip of Long Island. Hello! Brooklyn is the far western tip of Long Island, and the ships after passing Ambrose and Norton’s Point, then enter our pristine Gravesend Bay ( Couldn’t they have thought of a more appropriately eloquent name for such beauty?!) before sailing under our majestic Verrazano, and entering the Harbor. So check the arrival schedules, find a comfortable spot along the mentioned Bays’ promenades, hope for good weather, and try to fit some time into your work schedule, and enjoy the show! I know I will. Anchors Aweigh!

  8. Well that’s not true. My lack of grammar and spelling skills are quiet an embarrassment for me.

  9. thats why when you write something as long as
    Torah…take into consideration typing your work in word application…i used
    to hate that when you ready to post something and disappears on you


  10. Yes that’s exactly what I want. Well, that and I want to finger that that guy from Twat Light with messed up haircut and no chest hair.

  11. Barkingspider7 on

    Of course he said this intentionally – he is Faba, master of double entendra’s!

  12. Every Fleet Weeks starts as a great event and ends as one giant clusterfuck every year. On Monday all sailors are all proper dressed, snowy white pants and shirt to match. They walk in small groups, usually in pairs. I can only assume they pair up with their life partners, it does get lonely at sea. However by Saturday I find drunk sailors with their white uniforms cover in filth. They stand like tourists on subway platforms and always ask which train goes to Manhattan and when they finally get on the train they challenge you to pullup contest in that drunken Omaha accent. “Mother fucker do I look like I can do pullups?” Then he adjusts his shit covered uniform and says “Are you eyeballing me Sir? You better recognize my semen abilities! Wait…where do we get off this train?” And then he barfs on his shoes.
    To be honest I don’t really mind them boys acting out like that. They live on a fucking ship most of the year, they need a little r&r. What I really hate though is how wet every girl in the city gets as soon as white uniformed folk show up. Jesus Christ, whole year I have to compete with 8 million asshole New York men and then for seven days well dressed, chiseled young men show up and no girl in the city can keep her panties on! I hate you sailors. I really wish I was sailor.