A New Face For Kings Plaza, Courtesy Of Best Buy


Photo by Arthur Borko.

Best Buy (which is now open, according to bus ads on Avenue U) has changed the face of Kings Plaza forever by installing windows!

It was revealed in January 2010 that Best Buy would be taking the place of Kings Plaza 6, also known as the Kings Plaza Cinema. Sure, you can’t watch movies in their icky theaters anymore. But now you can plop down in Best Buy’s television section and watch 15 movies, all without sound. Hooray!


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  • Anonymous

    o.O! it’s about damn time!

  • Hope the floors aren’t sticky…

    • Anonymous


    • levp

      Best Buy doesn’t show those kind of movies.

      • Yeah, but still technology… you know how some guys can get with their audio/video systems

      • Barkingspider7

        EWWWW!!!That was gross.

  • heather

    Whoa. Welcome change, but still a startling visual!

  • Anonymous

    Not open until tomorrow the 25th

  • Anonymous Bluffer

    about time KP needs an outside renovation badly

  • What do you think those windows will be for?

    • It makes the complex less severe looking. Lets in some natural light. It’s humanizing.

      Maybe they’re not finished putting in windows. We’ll see.

  • joebkny

    but its pretty cool how they got those windows installed

  • Sweet!

    I hope this is the start of Kings Plaza turning into a real mall and not a building that caters to one demographic.  Very exciting. 

  • JeffasaurRAWR

    They’re opening a Panera Bread right next to Best Buy. Finally, this place is starting to get better. :D

    • Guest

      Panera Bread = Hipsters

    • Anonymous

      Hipsters are better.