Two Local Pizzerias Seized By NYS For Tax Dodge


Bay Ristorante and Pizzeria Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

Authorities from the New York State Department of Finance seized Bay Ristorante and Pizzeria at 1420 Sheepshead Bay Road yesterday afternoon, forcibly removing employees and locking the gates. The department posted notices that the property is now owned by the state due to the owners’ failure to pay taxes. The large “Do Not Tamper” sticker had been removed when we stopped by this morning, though it’s not clear who removed it.

Bay Pizzeria is not alone, either. We’ve heard reports that Prince of Pizza at 1101 Avenue U, on the corner of Coney Island Avenue, was also seized, but we’ve so far been unable to confirm that report.

Both pizzerias have served the neighborhood for years, and we’re looking forward to seeing this resolved so they can reopen.

UPDATE (1:40 p.m.): With the help of Lisanne Anderson, we’ve confirmed that Prince of Pizza has been seized. See below for the photo evidence.


  1. mistakes do happen….and bay pizza did pay there taxes so the irs was stupid on that one :) so dont write a comments if you dont know what had happen

  2. fuck you fitzgerald on

    shut up u hater!! there pizza is amazing..and i cant belive u had the time to write that or maybe you did have the time to write that because you dont have a life your life is just hating on people and judging hard working people!!! you wish you can be like them and the place isnt a shit hole your a shit must not have the ballz to approch anybody thats why u write it on the computer to cover up your identiy..but dont worrie everybody knows a asshole and there cover up name is Fitzgerald!! have a nice day asshole!!

  3. One last comment before i go to sleep, this is for Fitz the coward. You must have gotten your ass kicked by one of those brothers to be such a hater. Their place is spotless and the pizza is excellent. Now go back and crawl underneath the rock you came from.

  4. Hey Fitz, you aint got the balls to go in there and say that. Its easier for cowards like you to write it and

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  6. Hey Gene, Y would U say that about them? R U a COKE HEAD?I’m SURE u wouldn’t call them that 2 there face.Ur just mad that what u make in a week they spend in an hour.UR A PUNK.

  7. if you know NED, you know that you dont always get the FULL Story… He said IRS or NYS or etc. he is forgiven… At least you got some facts….

    Ned is NOTORIOUS for being biased and one sided. Here is another example!!! NYS and IRS is like comparing apples and oranges

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  10. Too bad! But listen: IRS is Federal and collects income tax (primarily). New York State also collects income tax but in this case the problem appears to be sales tax. Don’t say IRS when you mean NYS, OK? They are different!

  11. [email protected] on

    Why does the heading say IRS when pizzerias were seized by NYS? Check your facts first please….

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my favorite pizza place!!!!!!!!! They’re such nice guys!!!!!!!! I’ve been eating there since I’m a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. aww man, now where are we going to get our pizzas? Bay Pizzeria was a frequent place for me

  14. around here when you start a new business everyone expects everything under the table. the landlord wants the rent under the table. the contractors want to be paid for the work under the table. the employees do not want W2. people are shocked when you tell them you just want to run a clean business so that you can sleep well at night.
    and then we are surprised that this happens.
    i know pizzerias are a cash business in general, but the IRS is not stupid. play by the rules, or at least be smart when breaking them.

  15. there pizza sucked. i went to school w/ the kid whos uncle owns it. The place is a shit hole. im happy it closed

  16. i usto work on sheepshadbay road, across from that one pizza place, at the ups store… i can not tell you how many days i had lunch and or a snack there, they were nice guys, if we were very busy in the store. i would call they would bring it over and i would pay em later when it got clam in the store, a few times i didnt even call – hand signals from window to window worked also, was a decent slice and a cool place

  17. Yes I did go to SBHS, that dude and I were not friends, in fact I never had a class with him I just remember seeing him in the halls.

  18. If you went to Sheepshead Bay HS, you may know him…He is a friend of mine, someone I haven’t spoke to in a long time.

  19. Barkingspider7 on

    I hope that they re-open. Their food was pretty good. I don’t understand why people don’t pay their taxes. The government will always get you, sooner than later.

  20. Pizzeria is a CASH biz. (very common for tax Bull-Shit)
    Same as Chinese take out… ( every time they charge the SALES TAX, wonder where it goes?)
    local grocery/deli stores?
    Wonder why Lombardi Pizzeria in the city doesn’t take credit cards?