Sweet News! Arbuz Slashes Prices For Happy Hour


Here’s news that’s nice and sweet.

Arbuz, at 1706 Sheepshead Bay Road, is holding their very own happy hour where all frozen yogurt products will be 50 percent off. The happy hour will run every weekday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. throughout April.

Oh, it’s April 1, eh? Looks like we know where we’re going when we get out of work. A tasty frozen yogurt, then downing some beers at Wheelers’ happy hour across the street.

(Note to self: invent alcoholic frozen yogurt.)

  • Anonymous

    Hell yea! Thanks for that update!

    however do we need to request the discount? or do i mention Ned’s name and get the discount?

    • Any time you read about a business on Sheepshead Bites, you should tell the owner or manager “Hey, I read about your business on Sheepshead Bites.” It’s a free, easy way of supporting the site.

      Unless we write something bad about them. Then… um… shhhhh….

  • Totally visiting Arbuz this week. :)

    • Anonymous

      To bad it’s not a weekend thing……

      whats your Favorite Frozen Yogurt?

      • Of theirs? I actually like their fat free chocolate one, with chocolate shavings and coconut on top. Yum. :)

        • Anonymous

          Gonna have to try that, Coconut is totally GREAT! not a lot of people like it for some reason….

          Like my wife hates Coconut.. LOL I love it! Best thing i can say is, on our trip to Hawaii i enjoyed bustin a coconut in half and drinking the Milk…..Coconut Milk = MOUTH ORGASM!

  • Blackralph2

    They should of done this years ago, i heard they are barley surviving. they wanted to close at first but were able to negotiate with the landlord to reduce the rent a little.

    • Yahu

      everytime I go in I see people. usually new businesses lie about their finances in order to bring down the rent.

  • guest2

    kinda off topic, but wheeler’s is mentioned above .. pass by this place all the time and never thought to come in .. what’s the word on this place? can you get decent drinks and food there (by dive/neighborhood bar standards), or avoid? thanks

    • Yeah, Wheeler’s is delicious and awesome. Drinks are cheap, food is yummy, jukebox is awesome, people are cool. Love Wheeler’s.