Pathmark Scene: It Seems The Zombies Have Arrived


Photo by Robert Fernandez.

It’s finally happened.

With violent crime on the rise in Sheepshead Bay, including multiple stabbings, out of control cars, and the deadly saga of Maksim Gelman, it was only inevitable the gateway horror that would follow.

Yes, friends… the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us, and from the looks of things in the photo above, their first stop was the Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue, slated to close its doors for good on April 15.

As shoppers take advantage of prices slashed 30 to 60 percent throughout the entire store, the walking dead probably figured it was an ideal spot for them to find a surplus of juicy brains.



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  • Vasya Popkin


    Too bad they didn’t go the Israeli style, “Going out of Business” Sale and just jack up the prices, always restocking their shelves with new “Going out of business” products.

  • Ilan

    This is my favorite post on this entire blog thus so far.

    • ES

      And yours is my favorite comment on this entire blog thus far. :D

  • nolastname

    Eerie pic. Looks like the start of a music video.

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly several weeks ago there was already post about this, and at that time someone said that no it’s not actually happening they doing it on purpose to get people to buy their shit.

  • Anonymous

    LOL don’t you know, you can’t take pictures inside Places like that….

    i once tried to take a pic of my wife, the manager took my camera (violently) deleted the pix on the card, and Escorted me out.

    That happened in a Rite Aid btw,

    • Anonymous

      sure! just in case if you did capture any hidden strategic foods that you were not suppose to!

  • nolastname
    • nolastname

      Look at all 3 pics, the letters were put to the curb.

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