Morning Mug: Young Cherry Tree


Photo by Ariela Baranov.

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  • Faba

    Blessed Be.

  • nolastname

    Beautiful. A little early, mine usually blooms near Mother’s Day. I love when the petals fall, it rains pink.
    That I believe is the American version, I have a Japanese Cherry Blossom (same leaves, dif. flower).

    • Ariela B.

      Well on second look it may also be a simple peach tree. Some varieties of peach and cherry have such similar flowers, bark, and leaves that it’s almost impossible to tell sometimes until they bear fruit.

  • Nick the Rat

    can i pop it? or is it TOO young?

  • Jal5503

    NICE….Thanks for shareing

  • Rberke

    Magnolia flower pedals much larger & flower heavier looking. This doesn’t look like a cherry to me either but it is welcome & beautiful in its own