1. Someone put this to the curb. My jaw dropped when I saw it.
    If I dyed my hair……30 years ago, then yes.
    P.S. not Faba and married. LOL

  2. It’s got to be the grocer on the south side of Sheepshead Bay Road right before the East 16th Street intersection. Enterprise is where East 16th Street is. He sells flowers this time of year.

    I used to grow tulips. They’re pretty hardy despite their prettiness. I remember them surviving a late frost once.

  3. See, If i was Faba, i would say something along the lines of….. Are you the Red head?

    however i am not Faba.

    Also i am sorry but i don’t sell antique art i Hoard it. :)

  4. I am trying to find the origin of that Adorable Pussy.
    Any suggestions?
    Seriously, I can’t find the prints value anywhere.

  5. Type your comment herehttp:[email protected]/5588824122/in/set-72157626301416093

  6. MmmmmM are those Tulips? they are pure Awesome!

    i give this photo a A+, however a secondary photo is required of the actual flower itself. PRONTO!

    whats the addy to this? i’d like a snap shot for my collection as well.?

  7. Barkingspider7 on

    Gene – please tell us, how many french brothels have you been to? When I was a teen, my mother used to tell me and my sister (when we overperfumed ourselves) that we smelled like french whores. We always wondered how she knew what they smelled like!

  8. nice pic but the smell of that strip from that grimey fish market reminds me of a dirty french brothel.