Morning Mug: And Whose Soul Is This?


“One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one ever come to sit by it. Passersby see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on the way.” – Vincent van Gogh

Photo by nolastname, taken on Ocean Parkway between Avenue O and Avenue P.


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  • nolastname
    Here’s the whole pic.
    Wow, nice quote. Kinda’ like saying “not the brightest bulb on the tree”, but full of cheer. LOL

    • Anonymous

      i once peed on that fireplace when i was a kid……right next to my building lol

      just throwing out there.

      • nolastname

        So how long was it like that?

      • nolastname

        Not the peeing session, the condition of the house. LOL

      • Dude. That was, like, last week.

        • Anonymous

          Wait, is this the house next to 1640 Ocean pkwy?

          thats not ocean pkwy…. what gives? there’s another fireplace lookin thing near 1640 and the building to the left of it, on ocean pkwy.

          • nolastname

            If you google map between O and P on O.P. you can get a glimpse of it. There is a school bus in the way one direction.

          • The house next to it is 1552.

          • nolastname

            The house that was? LOL

          • The house that the fireplace is attached to is 1552.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry Everyone i missed,

            it was the building near 1640, that i have marked.

            Hey Lisanne is this the one near the Playground? i am trying to remember by memory….

          • A few houses north of the playground.l There were houses here until 5 or so years agoi.

          • Anonymous

            Woah……….. a lot has changed.

          • I was shocked when those houses went down. Especially this one. Tearing down an attached house isn’t very good for the one still standing. That’s why it’s cemented. It would be exposed to the elements otherwise.

          • 1544 is the vacant lot’s address.

          • nolastname

            I knew you would know.

  • Georgia

    Great shot unbelivable

    • nolastname


  • Bk2Bklyn

    great pic, but even better quote…

    • nolastname

      TY Bk2, Ned is that you doing the like?
      Can you parallel every pic to a quote?

  • A most curious place to put a fireplace. Did it predate the house next to it? If so, it was quite old, that house is 1900-10s vintage. Perhaps it was merely decorative.

  • This is the house the fireplace is leaning against. It looks a bit lonely after the building to its right was demolished.

    • nolastname

      Damn Lizanne. I should have borrowed your colorful pic. You always get such beautiful blues.

  • nolastname

    I think it was a shared chimney.
    Either way I am sure the heating bills went up when the house went down.