Max’s Burgers & Steaks: Now Open On Ave X!

maxs burger and steaks ave x sheepshead bay gravesend

Photo by Paul Kundel

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational burger station!”

That’s right, beef lovers — Max’s Burgers & Steaks is officially ready to serve you from the Avenue X and East 1st Street storefront. And it’s about time, too. This place, with its creepy sign featuring a plump toddler that we really don’t want to mentally associate with beef, first popped up in February and has been making our mouths water (for baby meat) since then.

Our tipster Paul Kundel notes that, while they didn’t have a menu in print, he “saw they were serving hot dogs, euro dogs (whatever that means), salads (Caesar), gyros, burgers, steaks etc.”

To show how giddy we are about the opening of an eatery dedicated to the comprehensive needs of the carnivore, here are some quotes about beef.

  • Kon

    There has been an increased number of references to science fiction. This is nice.

    This neighborhood could use a good burger joint. Might go try it tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, how is this Related to Sheepshead Bay again?

    • ES

      Think of the proximity.

      • Anonymous


        • Sheepshead Bites occasionally covers news out of Coney Island and Homecrest as they are so close to the area, going ons there are relevant to Biters.

  • Hungry for burger

    Anybody have a phone number?

  • Anonymous

    Ave X really needed a reasonably priced fast food joint. I hope this place is good.

    • BayResident

      AIG_Quant huh? Your name doesn’t rhyme with Tyra does it?

      • Anonymous


  • fitzgerald

    I tried this place and its pretty horrible. The burgers are very dry, the buns are stale. Wont be coming to this place again

    • Jal5503

      tried a steak sandwich..overpriced and tasted like cardboard..never again. better steak at roll n roaster hands down

  • Imwant3d

    718-688-9070 this place is has some of the most amazing burgers ive tried in a while in this area deff 2 thumbs up

    • LinK

      Are you the owner(s)?
      Or how much are you being paid to lie?

    • Anonymous

      LOL hey Max!

    • LinK

      lol. The owner better like his own burger!!!

      • eshalm

        I was there with my friends and they all liked it

        • LinK

          Liked what? what dish did you try?
          Are you the owners”s friend? Or getting paid to post?

          • ES

            Just curious, why is it when somebody writes a positive comment about a restaurant, suddenly they are “the owner’s friend” or “getting paid to post?” Maybe it’s actually a good place and the commenter is giving their honest assessment.

  • gene

    my friend and his family live over there and they all said it was pretty good.