Kruger Pleads Not Guilty, More Details Revealed


Kruger after yesterday's court hearing. (Source:

State Senator Carl Kruger pleaded not guilty yesterday to the slew of corruption charges threatening to end his political career and put him behind bars.

Federal prosecutors say their investigation against the local pol reveals a “broad-based bribery racket” that includes seven other defendants, who also pleaded not guilty during yesterday’s 20-minute hearing.

Kruger’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, took the opportunity to prod the judge for extra time to prepare for the case. His request revealed just how dogged investigators have been to put together a potentially unshakable case against the Southern Brooklyn Democrat – discovery materials will include more than 100,000 pages of documents and recordings of a stunning 30,000 intercepted phone calls.

According to The New York Times, Kruger declined to comment after the hearing ended, but Brafman denied that the pol had ever accepted bribes or abused his position.



  1. You might try to bribe witnesses but this case is too big a deal for judger bribing. The powers that be want him out, he’s an embarrassment.

  2. Why would plea guilty without a plea bargain deal?
    Is he on the phone trying to bribe the JUDGE or the DA?

  3. What about the forthcoming TAX EVASION charges that will follow. Unless he declared the alleged $ 1 million bribery on his Income Taxes.

  4. This dude is a Effin Troll!

    Also i am not sure how this song falls together with this fool………But it does somehow.

  5. Local Broker on

    30k phone calls I think once the defense listens to the calls everyone is going to try and make a deal as fast as they can.

  6. Yep, they’re always innocent , even after they convicted. Victims of a “political” vendetta. But they’re only fooling themselves.