BREAKING: Accident On Emmons Ave And Bedford Ave


We just got word that there was a “pretty nasty” car accident at the intersection of Bedford Avenue and Emmons Avenue within the past 40 minutes or so.

We’re told one of the vehicles broadsided the other, and then they both spun out into the lightpole at the northwest corner of the intersection. The airbags of both vehicles were deployed, but a person at the scene said that no one was injured.

Drive safely, folks. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.


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  2. Barkingspider7 on

    Lisanne – photographer extrordinaire. historian, musician, psychologist. Good job!!

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  8. Barkingspider7 on

    That is a bad corner. Seems like nobody likes to slow down to make the turns there. Ive also noticed that alot of people speed up to avoid the red lights.

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  10. last weekend, i almost got hit by a car while i was running towards the bay on that exact corner.

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  12. Fairly certain it’s all for the presidential visit. Perhaps they do training runs and such, and that’s why you’ve seen them in the in-between.

  13. Fairly certain it’s all for the presidential visit. Perhaps they do training runs and such, and that’s why you’ve seen them in the in-between.

  14. Local Broker on

    I know that the President was here today and once last week but this has been going on for over a week. They are flying low and are really loud thats the only reason i notice and i live a block from the beach and that where they are. No one else noticed around here?

  15. Sorry, I thought that was on the Manhattan Beach side where sand
    builds up (curbside) along the bay.
    I edited and am just guessing on the issue.

  16. I was in Greenpoint today and saw the army helicopter going toward Manhattan. this was before non.

  17. Local Broker on

    You saw them to? I got to keep my camera ready. I will show all of you what im talking about. Wait here they come again.

  18. Local Broker on

    Seriously can you ask someone about that i know you know someone that knows someone that knows whats going on. 2 military helis just flew over at 5:15. I notice because they are fucking loud.

  19. I saw a motorcycle and a minivan collide at the same intersection last summer. The lady in the minivan was making a left turn and didn’t pay attention.

  20. again? Holy shit! MB community has to do something about it!! I know! Close Emmons Ave to all outsiders!

  21. again? Holy shit! MB community has to do something about it!! I know! Close Emmons Ave to all outsiders!