Shopping Cart Series: Dumpster Dying

Shopping Cart In the Dumpster

Shopping carts in the dumpster

Here’s a little something for you long-time Sheepshead Bites readers:

You haven’t heard from us shopping carts for a while, but we’re still here, being used and abused, abandoned and tossed out. I promise you, I have all of my four wheels intact. But, why these heartless cleanup guys decided to throw me in the trash, I really don’t know.

As for my friend – sure, she’s not a supermarket cart like me, but she’s still a cart. Plus, she used to be bright red, but due to years of sitting out in the harsh elements, she’s a pretty pink. I can’t tell you if she still has all of her casters, but there is no way that you can come out to rescue me and leave my best friend in this dumpster.

Please, my Sheepshead Bay neighbors, if any of you are into some serious dumpster diving, please come and rescue us. We’re about to get dragged away and taken to some dump, somewhere. HEEELP!!

  • Anonymous


    isn’t it a crime to take pictures of other peoples garbage?

    • Absolutely not. Especially so when it is in public view.

      • Anonymous


        Good to know.

  • I am glad to see that Sheepshead Bites has remembered its commitment to improving the lot of shopping carts.

  • theres some good scrap metal in there!

  • nolastname

    Hey Ray, welcome back.
    Is that a frisbee?