Rotisserie Heaven Coming To Avenue X


Reader Rita M. tipped us off to a new business opening in the neighborhood to be called Rotisserie Heaven. The rotisserie chicken joint will be located at 377 Avenue X, replacing Ciro’s Pizza. According to Rita, “Ave X seems to be the new hip area accompanied by Downhouse, Draft Barn and all these new cafe’s opening up!”

Looks like we’ll have to take a stroll down there when the weather picks up!

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  • Allanb

    Still waiting for Maxs to open a couple blocks over, also on Ave. X. These places have been sitting with shutters closed and new signs and promises of yummy food but they just tease us! it’s a conspiracy!

    • Soupy

      Those Bastards!

  • Barkingspider7

    Hope that their chicken is good — not like Silver Stars (dry as a bone). Pathmark had good rotisserie chicken – Oh how I will miss Pathmark!

    • Larry

      The rotisserie chicken at Stop & Shop is comparable.

      • Edlane Nyc

        Feh…Ever have a Costco chicken? $4.99 for a real juicy chick. They are huge.

        • Animo916

          Costco and BJs chickens are off the hook. How do you go wrong for $5?

      • Marie Friedman

        Stop & Shop rotisserie chicken is the best :)

    • Larry

      The rotisserie chicken at Stop & Shop is comparable.

    • Guest

      Where is it going?

  • Nelson Fernandez

    just give me a Pio Pio!

    • Ned Berke

      I need to make some changes to the site so that I – and only I – can “like” a comment 500 times.

      • Lisanne!

        How about those of us who desire to like one of your comments 500 times? You will consider making that an exception.

  • Courvasier2004

    Costco rotisserie is $5 for the whole chicken!!!

    • Barkingspider7

      Same thing at BJs – you get this gigantic chicken for $5.00 and it is delicious.

  • Jal5503

    Stop & Shop has juicy yummmmmmmm chicken

    • Georgia

      Stop & Shop has chicken Fridays for 5.00 ea (Rotisserie) whole chicken.
      HEEEREEE chick chick chicken Fridays at Stop & Shop wholesome to, different flavors Lemon, BBQ, Southern you name it they have it.

  • Faba

    Oh bless your heart Rita M! Let your beauty never fade away and your mind stays sharp till the last day! You brought me wonderful news, a glimmer of hope during these dark days. I have been mourning fast demise of Pathmark.


    hope it’s not going to be overpriced like the rest of the places on Ave x.
    Knapp St- mexican made pizza is highly overpriced
    Petes- maybe if they drop their prices by 30% there will be more than 1 customer in there.
    A&S- good food but pretty expensive, esp the prepared stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Thanksgiving 2009 was saved by one of those Russian stores which was the only store on that day that had rotisserie chickens. Their price was also reasonable. This past year I wanted to do that again but found the same place was charging more money and that all the Russian stores were charging the same price. A shame because I would have gotten this salad( I really can’t even pronounce it much less spell it) that was soooo good the year before but without the chicken it wasn’t worth it.
    This past year Stop & Shop came through with a bargain finally.
    This place looks more like a shop selling birthday cakes than rotisserie chicken.

  • winson

    i love rotisserie chicken. gotta give this place a try soon

  • mik33y

    who eats rottiseri chicken these days the place is owned by knapp pizza and the pizza sucks there so the chicken is gonna suck lets c what it brings to my nieghboorhood ave x all day  



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