Morning Mug: Pointless


Shot by Erica Sherman on February 3 on Nostrand Avenue and Voorhies Avenue, while waiting for the B44, across the street from P.S. 52.

  • Allanb

    Awesome in the spirit of Banksy type awesome!
    Great catch Erica!!!

    • ES

      Thank you. <3 =]

  • Anonymous

    Not quite Banksy but is this a formula for a transitory relationship?

    • Allanb

      I think the fact that the ‘artist’ chose to use the <3 =] for heart smiley face instead of drawing a normal heart shape and normal smiley was in the spirit of Banksy at least in combination with the "life without you statement…".
      He's been known to mix up our societal quirks with statements like that.

  • Local Broker

    Banksy is full of shit. I invented Mr. Brainwash.