Sheepshead's Dirty Doc Sentenced To Six Years


Sorodsky (Source: Brooklyn Eagle)

After nabbing what’s believed to be New York States highest bail ever, a phony doctor was sentenced to six years in prison yesterday for lying to, drugging and raping patients in his Sheepshead Bay office.

“Doctor” Michail Sorodsky owned and operated the Holistic Skin and Spa Clinic at 2701 Ocean Avenue, where he posed as a medical doctor and boasted of his ability to cure cancer. But he was little more than a liar and a rapist, said prosecutors – and a jury seems to agree.

Sorodsky pled guilty to dozens of charges, including rape, sexual abuse and forcible touching. He was busted in 2007 following an investigation by then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, and in 2009 made headlines after courts slapped with him a record-setting bail amount of $11 million cash/$33 million bond.

Several patients faced sexual abuse at the hands of Sorodsky, who investigators say preyed on the Russian-American community, and he was charged for specifically raping one in 2006. According to the charge, Sorodsky gave the patient a liquid that rendered her unconscious. When she awoke, Sorodsky was naked and lying on top of her.

The phony doctor lured patients in with a guarantee for his treatments, then performed physical exams, drew blood and administered so-called medications. He charged thousands of dollars for the bogus treatments.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, Sorodsky may walk free in three years, since he served three years of his six year sentence while awaiting trial. But Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will likely seek an order of civil confinement, a controversial procedure that allows the state to lockup sex offenders in mental institutions indefinitely.

  • Faba

    Six years is not enough. He should get 11 years just for being Russian. Then 65 years of hard labor should be added for rape. Plus for every single case of rape he should get 1 year of ass rape in prison.

    Scumbag fucking asshole.

    • Agree with all, except for the jail term for being Russian, his nationality/ethnicity has nothing to do with this at all. Hope they also revoked his license, if any!

    • Kon

      Every time you post something I read it as “Hello, my name is Faba. I am a racist douche! I come here to promote stupidity in Sheepshead Bay! Fuck all foreigners and immigrants because they are not from America. I am such a douche that hipsters are more likable than I am. Har har har”

      • Don’t you recognize satire?

        • Kon

          You mean “trolling.” Satire does not translate well over the internet.

        • Faba

          Thank you, I started to wonder if their is anyone on here who gets it. Btw I like your photos. I got me S2 Finepix with 18-55mm last week. I will be clicking with that thing all over SB.

          • Put them up on Flickr. Start with a free account and decide whether it’s useful to you. And link to them.

            I’m not the only one who gets it, but I knew Andrew Dice Clay casually during the 80s. He’s the total opposite of his stage persona,

      • Faba

        I think your hypersensitivity to race matters is showing how uncomfortable you are with race discussion which only points to one thing: your own bigotry that you so desperately trying to hide from everyone and probably your own self.
        It’s OK though, you will come around someday.
        Also, I would like to point out that I can not be racist. Being racist implies I love my own race and put it above others by bringing them down. That is just not true, I hate everyone equally including my own people.
        With that said I pray to Santa Kon is short for Konstantin, if it’s not then you must be one of them Orientals. That can only mean 3 things: you are good at math, you live on Ave U and you like to eat dog.

        Btw can we not focus on me and on the article instead?
        Rape is one of the very few subjects I would think twice before cracking a joke about it.

        • murry

          Then why is Sorodsky smiling?

    • Guest

      Sounds like you were his patient and he fu**ed you a few times in your head.

  • nolastname

    I like the “order of civil confinement”. Mental institutions are no joke.

    • So long as you aren’t there to seek treatment, otherwise they are a joke. NYS mental institutions would rather keep you locked up then treat you, if they can, as each institution receives around $450/day for patient care from the Federal Government, most of which will not go towards the patient’s care obviously.

  • Briea

    that guy has such an honest, endearing and kind face. NEVER EVER EVER judge a book by its cover.

  • Guest

    I say Faba should get 25 to life for being dumb douche and should get raped in jail.

    • Faba

      I do not agree.

      • Faba is a Douche

        Faba should get 30 to life for being dumb douche and should get raped in jail.

    • See Ned, this is a good reason for a dislike button.

  • Allanb

    Why waste taxpayer dollars on this dirtbag? just cut off his prick and balls and force him to work for tips as a waitress at El Greco dressed in drag.

  • murry

    Of course rape is funny unless it happens to you mother, wife , daughter. And whats with all this troll bullshit. The Russian people are use to this sort of treatment in their country.
    Look at the above story about Michael Levitis he will be on the “Livetime Brighton Beach Reality Show” and the people from there think it simply a great idea.
    If I weren’t collecting welfare and food stamps I’d move to Mexico.

  • Guest

    Another option is to bunk up Faba with Gelman and they will be raped in rotation.

    Rape is no joking matter but Faba deserves to be raped to learn a lesson. He hates everyone equally so in prison all those that he hates can take out their hatred on him.

    • Faba

      But Faba hates rape as much as he hates minorities.

      I do not understand why no one likes me. All I said, I hate all of you, that’s all.

      Well I like Lisanne! I think she is hot, and not because of how she looks (I never met her). She get’s me and she knows how to spell, she post links to free books, she takes pictures with that camera of hers and then edits them in photoshop.She is cool like that.

      • Thank you.

        Keep at it, eventually only the ones who want to remain ignorant won’t get it.

        Some people take pride in their inability to grow as individuals.

    • Faba

      Speaking of my new roommate, did you hear he got indicted on new charges yesterday. Nice! Gelman and I get to spend more time together.

  • Poopie

    “When she awoke, Sorodsky was naked and lying on top of her.”
    did he not do it quick enough?

    • murry

      Would have loved to be a fly on his “office” wall.

    • Andy

      after quickly busting his nut, he might’ve wanted to make love, sweet love

  • CEKCAppeal

    Does he accept Aetna BCBS???

    • Guest

      Probably not, but there is a set price – bring one FABA each visit – very cheap and convenient

    • Guest

      Probably not, but there is a set price – bring one FABA each visit – very cheap and convenient

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