Double Stabbing On Sheepshead Bay Road


Google Maps should pay for all the product placements today.

Police are investigating a double stabbing that occurred at 1111 Sheepshead Bay Road last night.

The stabbing, which took place in the spur of Sheepshead Bay Road between Avenue X and Avenue W, left two men in their 40s injured, according to News12. One of the men was stabbed in the eye, and the other in the stomach.

Both were taken to Lutheran Hospital, and their condition is unknown.

If you have any information, you can call (800) 577-TIPS (8477), text “TIP577″ (plus your message) to “CRIMES” (274637), or submit tips online.

  • Perhaps Google employees are committing all these crimes, for the attention.

  • gene

    wow that close to the precinct?!?!

    • guest

      Oh please. It’s not like they are ever actually paying attention at that precinct anyway. People have been mugged right in front of it.

      • Anonymous

        hate to say it, but it’s true.

      • And how could they have stopped this? The stbbing took place “at” not outside of 1111 Sheepshead Bay Road.

        As for muggings taking place outside the precinct house, such tales have been urban legends since police forces were first organized.

      • Barkingspider7

        Can’t disagree with this at all

  • Anonymous

    wow, Wtf is going on in our neighborhood lately….

    out of curiosity, if i see one of these guys running around with a knife or kinda running at my car am i legally allowed to drive him over?

    • Anonymous

      Drive him over to the precinct? You must be brave.

    • mitchell

      That’s what I want to know! This use to be one of the better parts right? lol

    • Self-defense

  • Fitzgerald

    I blame Ned. I think hes behind alot of these crimes. Without any news he would be out of a job.

  • Anonymous

    Ned, check yo email!

    Seems like there are a lot of Crimes going on in Brooklyn lately :(

  • OK, there’s been a stabbing. 24 hours later, we don’t know anything more about who, or why.

  • stabbed in the EYE!? thats gruesome! pics?

    • Barkingspider7

      Oh please, no pics! That would be horrible to see.

  • ES

    Jesus, the eye???

  • Anonymous

    Well they can’t blame on Gelman but did he start something here? Stabbing has become a fad in Sheepshead Bay? I wonder who else could be responsible for turning our neighborhood into a dump for hoodlums?

    Did this happen outside on the street or inside the house?

    • Fitzgerald

      if you read the article genius you could clearly got the picture it happened on the street.

      • Anonymous

        “Occurred at 1111 Sheepshead Bay Road” doesn’t specify inside or outside the house Fitzy!

      • it happened on the street? or sidewalk genius

  • was money the motive? or just another maladjusted human?

  • Gee willikers, it just gets safer here each and every day, don’tchano. I think I’ll go have a midnight stroll.

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  • Anonymous

    That family is trash! I used to live 2 doors down from them. This does not surprise me at all.