Double Stabbing Began As Dispute Over Money


Source: Google Maps

More news has emerged regarding the double stabbing that occurred at 1111 Sheepshead Bay Road on Monday night.

Police sources told Sheepshead Bites that the violence began as an argument over money. When the victims refused to pay up, the suspect spun out of control and stabbed both of them – one in the stomach and the other in the eye. Both are in stable condition.

The injured men are cooperating and have given police the identity of the suspect. As of last night, no arrest had been made, but authorities said they expect to make a collar soon.

  • Hmm

    Pay up for what? Drugs or a piece of candy or a happy ending?

    • Rent maybe?

    • Anonymous

      Drugs! you don’t stab someone in the eye for rent. lol

  • Faba

    Or maybe they got stabbed for whipping their hair back and forth.

    • Anonymous

      That’s crude and not funny. Will Sheepshead Bay residents become so inured to this kind of criminal violence here?

  • Lilmisslena84

    omg, what’s going on with Sheepshead Bay lately? First, Maksim Gelman story a month ago, now this…It’s creepy

    • say whaaa

      Yea, seriously. When are people gonna take an f’in chill pill?

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