Carl Kruger Charged With Accepting $1 Million In Bribes


Below is the 53-page criminal complaint against State Senator Carl Kruger and seven other defendants, including other politicians and lobbyists.

Kruger surrendered to federal authorities this morning to face charges that he took a stream of bribes totaling at least $1 million in return for official actions between 2006 and February 2011. The complaint also alleges that he directed hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars to clients of lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who paid him kickbacks.



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  11. Wow I thought we had a justice system in place that will play out towards a conclusion whatever it may be.
    Senator Kruger has had a distinguished career and has done great things for his constituents. Let’s move on.

  12. Ned, Get the facts straight. Dorothy Turano is the District Manager of CB18 not the Chairperson.

  13. When you flood a politician with campaign contributions, throw business to his/her friends, and get favorable legislation, that is called politics. When you flood a politician with campaign contributions, throw business to his/her friends, but don’t get favorable legislation, that is called corruption.

  14. As the joke goes, 99% of the politicians in New York make all the others look bad.

  15. Local Broker on

    If the feds starting looking into 99% of the pols in this country our tax dollars would have to pay for a brand spanking new jail with a polo field to house them all. If a politician is convicted of any type of fraud against the people that elected him that person should be executed. These pols are worse than any gangster or fraudster because the people elected them to a position of trust and the whole time all they wanted to do is fuck them. This is just the beginning wait and see what happens when they start ratting on each other and others.

  16. Dr. Turano is one of the defendants. Wow a GYN. that’s got me wondering how many people there really are with dirty hands.