Weiner Vows To Bring New Supermarket To Sheepshead

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Congressman Anthony Weiner is weighing in on the closure of the Nostrand Avenue Pathmark, saying that he’ll fight to bring a new supermarket to the area.

“Residents of Sheepshead Bay shouldn’t be forced to leave the neighborhood to buy groceries,” Weiner said in a press release. “It’s unfortunate that Pathmark is closing, but now it’s all hands on deck to ensure that we bring a new supermarket to Nostrand Avenue.”

The congressman plans to begin reaching out to other supermarket chains to find a suitable tenant at the 3785 Nostrand Avenue location. In a statement, his office said he’ll be working with the business community and local leaders, and hopes to secure a promise from the landlord to make the space available exclusively for a supermarket.

According to the press release, Weiner was a key player in bringing Pathmark to the neighborhood in 2002, following the closure of Key Food on Avenue U.


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  • As far as I know, Silver Star was interested in moving there when Waldbaums closed but ultimately decided to stay put. Maybe this time around, they’ll change their mind or get a better deal.

    • Anonymous

      Bet it’s gonna be Netcost Market! or Cherry Hill :D


      • Rhedhed309

        Not happy with that.

    • silver star sucks :P

      • WhoAmI

        you’re out of your bleeping mind…

      • Barkingspider7


      • Anonymous

        You’re wrong.

        Take some time to investigate Silver Star. It’s got some great deli specials, a working butcher who will customize meats to order, a fish monger and fresh fruits and vegetables. I find that many time their meat prices are lower than the larger supermarkets and their selection more varied.

        • yeah, i suppose their deli area is ok, but its always filled with old people walking mad slow

          • Anonymous

            Patience Rat. Before you know it, you’ll be one of the old people walking mad slow

          • im gonna get robot legs! and maybe some gorilla arms…

          • Sheepsheadbabe

            Where can I get some of those arms and legs? LOL!

        • Sheepsheadbabe

          I have recently bought fish from them that was spoiled (tasted like how nail polish remover smells) and their produce goes bad very quickly. They are good for some things like cold cuts and meat/chicken. For everything else, I’d rather shop in a supermarket. Who knows how old the boxes of cereal over the dairy refrigerators are?

  • Nono

    When is the closing date for Pathmark?

    • Anonymous

      April 15th.

  • Allanb

    We’ve got Key Food, Stop & Shop, Cherry Hill, and plenty of small markets and groceries around, how badly are we really wanting another supermarket? Not that it could hurt, but what’s the big deal?

    • Tinafg

      These places are too far for the people in that area. By the way, you can keep Cherry Hill.

      • Soupy

        The only good thing about Cherry Hill is that they put paper between your cheese slices

    • Anonymous

      You’ve got that. I don’t. Where I live, Silver Star & Pathmark are it. Stop & Shop is a bus ride away. Not everyone can walk. Not everyone has a car.

    • Barkingspider7

      I am thinking about all the senior citizens who live in the neighb0rhood. There are alot of them (my father is 93 years old) and this is just convenient for them. For me, I just get in my car and drive to wherever – no big deal.

  • Rhedhed309

    I remember when Pathmark came in. It is a good place to shop. I will be sad to see it go. We do need another SUPER market. It is hard for those pushing wagons and do not have a car to get their groceries. What are the alternative markets that have been contacted and is there a possibility of getting Pathmark to stay?

  • Georgia

    Wish they would put a BJ’S but it will never happen

    • RS

      Nah, BJ’s wont put another location so close to their current one (Gateway Mall)…PathMark closed down for a reason…too much competition from smaller stores and other supermarkets. The location is not that great either…..

      • Anonymous

        I believe there is a new BJs in the new Canarsie Plaza (Brooklyn Terminal Market)

        • Animo916


        • Rachel

          Indeed. I passed it yesterday. I had no clue that it was there.

      • Georgia

        lol That’s why it will never happen. The store is to small anyway

    • You do realize that a BJ’s location is approx 3-5x the size of that store, right?

    • Brightonresident

      Way to small for a BJ’s


    This Path(etic) Mart is where all the homies from the Sheepshead Projects shop(lift)

    No wonder it’s closing!

    • RS

      Well said!

      • guest

        bring in Trader Joes!!!!

        • Tinafg

          Now there’s a thought!

        • Vickster

          Absolutely! Please, Trader Joe’s would be a WONDERFUL option for that location. Not too expensive for the neighborhood (like Whole Foods would be) and great variety and great stuff! Let’s get this rolling!!!!

        • Barkingspider7

          I love Trader Joes, but I don’t think they would do well in this neighborhood.

  • ok

    the approximate closing date is April 15th

  • Courvasier2004

    Who needs another supermarket when you got Freshdirect delivering to Sheepshead Bay.


    I say bring in Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. We already have the ‘basic’ supermarkets.

  • Pimpster

    We need nudy bar in that location

    • Sheepsheadbabe

      No! No! No! Dirty boy!

      • Anonymous

        Yes! Yes! Yes! Dirty girl!

  • hes gonna open the weiner mart. to anyone who thinks they will open an “organic” supermarket in “the hood” you are crazy. id love a wholefoods though :( what a shitty little neighborhood we live in :)

    • C’mon, Sheepshead Bay is going to be the next Ditmas Park.

      • sheepshead bay is like a shitty little corporate cancer in brooklyn. the only mom and pop shops are either russian clothing outlets or asian food joints. :) i am over exaggerating

  • Backagain

    Good place for a Walmart!

    • Wanderinglioness

      I think that store is way too small for a walmart.

  • laurkin

    How about shop rite?

    • Wanderinglioness

      Shop Rite was there years ago, before Walbaums

  • 2002? What the fuck? Pathmark opened when I was 15, I remember because I worked there and trained at the Cropsey Location. That was over 13 years ago when I was still in HS. I graduated Sheepshead in 2001. Pathmark opened around 1998.

    If Weiner is claiming he brought Pathmark to Nos and Y in 2002 it’s an outright lie.

    • He was a councilman in 98′. Running for congress.

      Weiner’s a lot of things but he doesn’t lie.

      • Anonymous

        I remember Nelson taking most of the credit for it.

    • weiner is an ass hat. all he does is scream to make it look likes he cares and he sleeps with hookers.

      • levp

        The last one is a serious accusation (by American standards, anyway). Care to offer some proof?

        • i slept with him last week for 20$

          • levp

            Only $20? You’re cheap (but I’m still not interested)…

          • Anonymous

            I got him for $10. ;-)

          • levp

            Now if I can only find $10…

          • for you lev $3.33

          • Anonymous

            Now that’s a deal!

    • levp

      Quick check of the local press (NY Daily News) finds that Rep. Weiner did, indeed, work with Pathmark to open a store in Sheepshead Bay as far back as 1997:


      Wednesday, August 6th 1997, 2:03AM

      KINGS BAY Negotiations to bring a Pathmark supermarket to the near-empty Kings Bay shopping mall have resumed, and a deal may be close, says City Councilman Anthony Weiner (D-Sheepshead Bay).

      Weiner, who represents the Kings Bay neighborhood, has been working to lure new businesses to the mall, located on Nostrand Ave. between Avenues X and Y. The site, owned by the Lefrak Organization, has been dormant since a Waldbaum’s supermarket closed two years ago.

      Harvey Gutman, Pathmark’s senior vice president for retail development, said the supermarket chain was “actively pursuing this location.”

      And Edward Cortese, senior vice president for marketing for Lefrak, said the developer was “delighted to be able to work with a major supermarket chain . . . to provide the people of this neighborhood with the kind of facility they deserve.” – James Harney”

  • resident of Southern Bklyn

    we need Trader Joe’s !

  • Barkingspider7

    Anthony Weiner is a liar – Pathmark was there way before 2002 and I don’t believe for one second that he had any involvement with this. He’s trying to make himself sound like a bigshot and a God send.

    • He did make noise when Waldbaums decided to close. But it took a few years to find another tenant. How much direct involvement he had I can’t say, but as a local official he would at least have sent out some feelers to other chains, or negotiated with A&P. He could have sent an aide to such a meeting.

    • levp

      Quick check for 2002 press releases shows that Rep. Weiner did, indeed, work on supermarket issues in 2002:



      Brooklyn, NY – Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn & Queens) has implemented a three point plan to ensure that Sheepshead Bay has a major supermarket, even if, as expected, Key Food vacates Avenue U in the next few weeks. Weiner is actively recruiting several major supermarkets to relocate to Avenue U, while enlisting the support of the business community and pursuing a promise from Key Food’s landlord to make the space available only to a supermarket.

      Sheepshead Bay is a large residential neighborhood in Brooklyn, with a bustling shopping area, a substantial community of seniors–and one major supermarket: Key Food. If it leaves, Sheepshead residents will be forced to walk several blocks to purchase groceries, rain or shine.

      So Rep. Weiner has implemented a concerted plan of action to make sure Sheepshead Bay has a supermarket of it’s own, including:

      Contacting major area supermarket operators to urge them to relocate to the Avenue U location, even offering to tour the site with them. To date, Weiner has contacted the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (which operates A & P supermarkets), Stop and Shop, Di Giorgio Corporation, Pathmark, and D’Agositino’s.

      Seeking a pledge from Key Food’s landlord to only use the space for a supermarket.

      Enlisting the New York City Economic Development Corporation to take all necessary steps to ensure that Sheepshead Bay retains access to a major supermarket.

      “Carrying a heavy load of groceries several blocks during the hot summer months or over icy winter sidewalks is a lot to ask, particular of our seniors,” said Rep. Weiner. “The residents of Sheepshead deserve a neighborhood supermarket, and I’ve going to do everything I can to make sure they get one.”

      • Georgia

        You stated that Pathmark is A & P supermarket which is correct. But I think that Giant Food is for Stop and Shop there corporate office is in Windsor Locks, MA.

  • BayAlerts

    If PathMark was making money, they would not close.

    If the rent is too high, screw the landlord.

  • levp

    Ned, I can’t find this press release. Could you post a link, please?

    Judging by the comments, there is a mix-up of dates in peoples’ minds: Weiner worked to bring Pathmark to Nostrand Ave. site in 1997, and he did work to retain/bring a supermarket to Ave. U neighborhood in 2002 – not the other way around.

    So I think it would benefit everyone to read the original press release.

  • Georgia

    I thinki they will put another supermarket there because there is none walking distance for the people who live on the other side of Nostrand maybe King Kullen only a guess??

  • Rachel

    I’d love to see a Trader Joe’s in that spot. With the exception of produce, they seem to be affordably priced. while Whole Foods is nice, it’s not quite appropriate for that spot. They’re quite high, and it just doesn’t work in my mind, given the proximity to the projects. It seems ill-fitting for the community.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the marketing industry and I’ve been following this story. The only option I see presented in various media is another supermarket.

    A story about why this Sheepshead Bay area presents a challenge providing enough profit for a supermarket would be very informative and may uncover a problem other areas in brooklyn may soon face.

    I thought thinking about at least one other option would be helpful, so I posted it here. http://upsalesmarketing.blogspot.com/2011/02/closing-store-option.html

  •  I’d like to see a Trader Joe’s, but with they’re “You can return everything even if it’s mostly eaten” policy, I think it’d go under quickly.

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