Nostrand’s Dee & Dee Going Out Of Business


Everyone’s favorite store for low-price clothes, housewares and random crap, Dee & Dee, at 3710 Nostrand Avenue, is shuttering after many years in the neighborhood. The last day is February 12.

No further information at this time.

Thanks to BrooklynQ for the photo and tip.


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  • J S

    That sucks. I liked that store. I wonder what will fill its space?

    • Edlane Nyc

      A bank

      • Georgia


  • Anonymous



  • come on walmart!

  • CantWeAllJustGetAlong

    probably the store was too expensive.

    We need more $1 stores for the sheepshead bay customers.

  • Guest

    Perfect place for a mosque……

    • Suhail

      lol ….

      that will be another one soon. I hope yopu willnot come and threat it too.. !!!

    • CantWeAllJustGetAlong


      I think a better location is on Knapp Street between Ave X and Y…

      Land is cheaper and parking is easy to find

      Is it true Golden Gate will be a Mosque

    • guest

      insha ALLHA

  • Dee Dee Dee Doo Doo Doo

    Dee & Dee can’t compete with the 99 cent stores which sell the same crap at 99 cents!!!

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