Mosque Opponents Suspend Protests


Opponents of the Sheepshead Bay Islamic Cultural Center have suspended their daily protests after Department of Buildings inspectors shut down construction at 2812 Voorhies Avenue yesterday.

Bay People sent Sheepshead Bites the following message:

Inspectors finally showed to the construction site after Bay People sent a number of letters to DOB officials and politicians calling out “their gross negligence” and ignoring our numerous complaints on the illegal construction, our zoning challenge, videos and pictures that we sent them.

Daily protests will be suspended for now as there is no construction taking place, we will keep you posted once they resume.

WPIX caught the inspectors on video, pulling up the site. You can see their coverage here:


  1. Why is everyone demoting Muslims as having a violent religon when they aren’t alone in this. Lets see where this came from:
    “. . . Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.”
    Guess what: that didn’t come from the Koran. Thats from the Bible, Exodus 32:27.
    “Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.”
    Koran? Wrong again, Isaiah 13:16.
    I can list so many more but lets cover other issues first.
    Loud noise: St Mark has bells that ring all the time. Crowding: I walk by St Mark every day and there is always a double parked car there.
    Btw, can someone tell me exactly who funded St Marks?
    If you are fighting against the mosque for non-bigoted reasons, then you must also fight against all the other religous institutions in the neighborhood.

  2. I agree with your investment advise.
    But I already have one house, as I mentioned earlier in this thread. Don’t have money for another one – recession, you know. Give me some and I promise I’ll purchase property on Neptune immediately.

  3. Levp, because of people like you our nice neighborhood will look like Neptune ave pretty soon. Why don’t you buy property there, if you believe that prices will go up when Muslims start moving in. So far houses there much cheaper than around here. It should be a good investment for you.

  4. To “tolerate a few short interruptions” in the interest of the public good is necessary. It’s a different matter when someones “right to free worship” translates to injuring the rights of their neighbor.

  5. First, calling a neighborhood a slum is not a literary flourish. It is a misrepresentation.

    Second, if I, and many others who not only live close to the 61st but may have lived where they are BEFORE the precinct moved there, tolerate it for the sake of the larger community you can tolerate a few short interruptions which a representations of one of the aspects of life which separates this country from others where the right to free worship is NOT respected.

  6. I’m not sure about “totally safe” and I honestly don’t recall how bad it was BI (before influx). On the other hand, I’m always a little wary of walking down Oceanview, a block to the south, now and before.

    Let me ask the question this way – the area (it’s part of the Brighton Beach neighborhood) was never very desirable (understatement). Do the garish stores and Mosques with loudspeakers that have sprouted up now make it any more desirable to anyone other than Pakistanis?

    By the way “creepy people” come in all varieties, no further comment.

  7. You’re right it is not. I was using the power of the keyboard to add a little literary flourish.

    As far as the noise from the 61 – it’s an inevitable affect of government administration. Same thing if you are living across the street from say Coney Island Hospital and hear ambulance sirens all night. The distinction is that the ambulances and police cars (in theory) serve everyone in the community and perform a vital function for everyone in the community. Not the case for a Mosque with speaker blaring.

  8. Courvasier2004 on


    You seem to be a shill for the mosque. Russians moving into any neighborhood is a good thing. Look at Brighton Beach in the late 70’s, it was a bad neighborhood and Russians cleaned it up. You are correct about Russians building and buying new condo developments all around Sheepshead Bay and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. The 3rd wave of Russian immigration to US was during the 70’s and look at any neighborhood in Brooklyn where they live – Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Midwood, Madison. Are any of them bad neighborhoods? Did the property value go up or down since they moved in?

    Lets further compare Russians to Muslims:

    Are Russians known to be burning American flags? Do they follow a religion that advocates that all nonbelievers should be either converted or killed? Do they follow religious leaders that teach hatred towards America to all from a very early age? Do they brainwash the kids to be suicide bombers? Do they practice stoning to death or gangrapes for family dishonor? After 9/11 did you see any Russians in Brooklyn celebrating what happened? Are Russians known to spend money within the community or do they send back to Russia? Have any Russians in Brooklyn been arrested on charges of funding terrorist organizations?

    I understand that things above do not apply to everyone but just things mentioned above should show you who is more pro American between the two. As a resident who belongs to another ethnic, religious group who would you be more comfortable as having your neighbor? As world events change and America is viewed more as the enemy would you feel safe when you are viewed as an infidel and a fatwah could be issued on you for having different views?

    I am not an Islamophobe. I have plenty of Muslim friends going back to my high school days. I have no problems with Muslims or Arabs moving into Sheepshead Bay as long as they do not create any problems. Having a mosque built by an organization that has formal ties and support of terrorist organizations is a problem for me. If they support terrorist organizations what kind of message do you think will be taught during religious services and during classes offered? I dont think that building any kind of religious site is appropriate for a residential area, especially when it will be utilized by non residents. Why should the residents of Sheepshead Bay have to put up with extra traffic and noise so that non residents of Sheepshead Bay can travel to the mosque. Why not build the mosque in their own neighborhood.

    There is no way that property values would go up when Muslims would move in. How would the prices go up if only Muslims want to move in and no one else? I wouldnt buy anything near a site that will be playing loud music 5 times a day to advertise prayer services. I wouldnt want my kids to play with Muslim kids who are taught to hate Americans. I am not making stereotypes here, MAS is affiliated with terrorist organizations and their ideology will be passed onto all that go thru this mosque.

    For all you Russophobes who claim Bay People are fighting the construction of the mosque for religious / ethnic reasons – lets see if they will fight the renovation of Golden Gate into Amity School. This will show if they are bigots or not. So far from all the reading I’ve done on the subject they are fighting because of legit violations and because of valid reasons for reduction in quality of life.

    – concerned Sheepshead Bay property owner since 2003 who is planning to sell within next 2 years

  9. next time i see you spit in public i’ll make sure to tell the nearest cop so you can get a summons….

    turns out Spitting in public is against the law….. hmm..

  10. funny as i just entered this the st. marks church bell just started ringing. Let me call bay people because its effecting my quality of life! lol

  11. those streets are crowded all day from people picking up and dropping of kids at ps52. if parking is an issue, im sure they will realize that their is a bus stop on the corner. prayer sound 5 times a day?? how about 1000 kids screaming all day across the street at school. and the bay people website is totally dedicated to just being against another religion. just plain hatred and ridiculous. thats like me complaining about st. marks church ringing their bells everyday and people double parking all the time. come on already. stop the hatred already. and i just checked all the reports of the dob website. people call everyday on this place. just wait until a real serious issue happens some where else and nobody noticed it because the inspectors were busy following up on ridiculous reports. and also, do we really want our children across the street at school seeing us hating another religion? so if parking is an issue… tow truck business will go up. praying too loud???… fine them for noise pollution. your main issue seems like parking, good it will give traffic enforcement a good reason to give out tickets.

  12. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    They are for quality of life.

    Where will people park?

    The prayer sounds 5 times a day?

    The streets being blocked off during prayer.

    The cars double park on the tiny streets and block traffic.

    I think they have a web-site.

  13. unfortunatly the Mosque will be built. They will find some way to do it. US as a whole is finished. President is already muslim and shit just rolls down. Why is everyone so worried about the Mosque. You all will still be able to sell your properties to muslims. We’ll just rename SheepsheadBay to HallalBay andl open up carpet stores insted of sushi restaurants on HallalBayRoad.

  14. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    Did you ever see the corner restaurant? Brighton 7 & Neptune Ave by the mini mosque.

    Try walking the side walk when the entire street is blocked. (people praying

    Try driving when the entire block is double parked.

    Try to get sleep when the sounds are playing 5X a day.

    Wonder how people can eat at the place and not get poisoned.

  15. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    Dubai real estate went down more than 50%.

    Its worse than Vegas.

    Where is the Dubai money coming from? Oil? Gold?

  16. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    Do you think all bay people are bad?

    You are racist.

    Do you think Laws can be broken by anyone and do whatever they want to do?

    Did ANYONE of Bay People do anything illegal?

    So far, the only people who broke the Laws .. ommm… Mosque builders…

  17. SheepsheadBabe on

    This is how they spend all the money that they collected – by paying off dept of building inspectors

  18. Parkville is NOT a slum. I realize that ignorant people equate old houses with slums. But people in Park Slope will laugh at you.

    Come where I live, a short distance from the 61st Pct. and hear the police sirens all night. Maybe we should move the police precinct to where they won’t disturb anyone.

  19. Barkingspider7 on

    The “Bay People” are nothing but a bunch of ignorant, prejudice jerks. How dare that fat ass Russian immigrant say “Ve dunt vant the mosque”. She has some nerve, not even an American herself. She came to this country because she had no rights in her own. America, what a country. This battle will never end. The DOB should stop issuing stop work orders and let the mosque be built already.

  20. Excuse me, (and this is an super-conservative talking), I’ve been walking Neptune Avenue between CIA and OP for 25 years, a few times a week, from my house to my mom’s and friends, and back. It used to be real scary at night, dumpy stores, creepy people. Now it is totally safe. I don’t know whether to credit the Muslim influx (the neighborhood seems very mixed to me), but I don’t know what you’re talking about if you say Neptune Avenue has gone downhill.

  21. You give an example of Parkville to compare to Sheepshead bay? Comparing cactus plants & cherries.

    Sheepshead bay isn’t a slum (I’m sorry a depressed neighborhood). Thankfully lots of people see what kind a neighborhood turns into when mosques are planted. Look at Coney Island Ave & 18th. Look closer to home – Neptune Avenue bet ween Brighton and Ocean.

    On a related note – come and visit Neptune Ave at 7 in the morning and hear Gods alarm clock (I mean the muezzin) sound the call for prayer. No consideration for others. It’s not like he’s using hjs natural voice – the Mosque hung speakers outside – completely illegal. Seems to me prices there actually fall because only Muslims want to buy there.

  22. coney island ave is mostly commercial properties, thats y you dont see any nice houses or any houses at all.

  23. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    No inspector got fired…

    Where did you get your information from?

    Fired for doing your job right????

  24. One day you will see that the DOB made a mistake for that violation. it will be posted here too….

    When I went there The worker explain to me that the Elevator is not there and No excavation at the elevator… Any one can go and check..

    Looks like the Inspector who did that will be settign home soon because he did something out of a hate protest…..

    it is typical to stop any job in the city so wat s the problem,,
    I have been in a job site where city topped the job 3 times adn get 15000 of course…

    good for you Bay Guys ,, but remeber the job will resume any time soon ,, what will you do then?? call for another inspection,, and fire another

  25. Parkville has a lot of houses, many of them 19th century. Real estate values were dropping there, but the influx of Muslims revived prices.

    It is a safer area now than it was 25 years ago.

  26. First of all, I do own a single-family home 2 blocks away from the future mosque site. I am willing to send Ned (as an independent third-party) my actual address and proof of ownership, so that he can confirm this.

    Secondly, please share your research on property values FALLING.

  27. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    Please share ONE example where Muslims have increased property value?


    Don’t think any research have been done on this issue.

    levp, since you think property value will go up, I think you don’t own any ready estate.

    Once you actually OWN real estate, you will understand.

  28. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on

    If anyone sees any unsafe conditions, they should call 311.

    No one should be excluded from the LAW.

    Does anyone have proof that Bay People called 311? I don’t see the callers informational on the complaint.

    Go Bay People

  29. Coney Island Ave. is mostly apartment buildings, so it can’t be compared with single-family Voorhies Ave.

  30. CantWeAllJustGetAlong on


    You are correct.

    Thank you for bringing reality

    Some people live in the fantacy

  31. I completely disagree, take a look at Coney Island Avenue-you see any nice houses over there? Yet, tehre are a lot of “cultural centers”-some of them have been closed after 9/11

  32. alot of driveways on voorhies. after seeing this video, alot of rats too. people need to stop being so full of hate.

  33. We are the ones who define current history, so it is in our power to change the world back. At least in Sheepshead Bay.

    But in any event, my main argument was that property values will go up due to Muslim families preferring a location closer to a brand new Islamic cultural center.

  34. After 9/11 the world has changed as we knew it, so that analogy about Russians is 10 years outdated.

  35. You are assuming that families originally from, lets say, Pakistan don’t buy houses in Sheepshead Bay.
    But they do, as well as other Muslim people – walk around the blocks. And for them, the new mosque will be an advantage. So, the property values might actually rise!

    People said the same thing about the “Russians” coming – but you don’t hear it anymore after $1,000,000+ condos are being sold by and to them…

  36. I don’t live there but I could understand why the neighbors are upset…they know that their house values just dropped in half, and that’s what will happen in the radius of 5-10 blocks going forward. That thing won’t really sound too attractive in any real estate ad.