Levitis Takes Plea Deal – Are Kruger's Days Numbered?


Rasputin owner Michael Levitis has agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors investigating a possible pay-to-play scheme focused on State Senator Carl Kruger.

Levitis was arrested last summer for his alleged role as an intermediary between business owners wanting help from the politician, and was recorded telling another restaurateur that he needed to throw a fundraiser in Kruger’s behalf in return for assistance on an official business inspection. The businessman agreed to give Levitis $3,000, with $2,000 going to pay off Jason Koppel, Kruger’s chief of staff and campaign treasurer.

After his arrest, Kruger said that he was a victim of the crime and knew nothing of it, and that the FBI was no longer looking into him as a suspect – a claim that was contradicted by officials.

Now, Levitis is pleading guilty to charges that he lied to FBI agents about the bribe. He faces up to six months in prison.

The New York Post is suggesting that the plea deal may mean that Levitis has agreed to assist prosecutors in turning up evidence against Kruger. According to an anonymous source, Levitis was asked, after his arrest, to help in their investigation of allegations that Kruger has performed official acts in exchange for campaign contributions.

Before last year’s elections, Kruger had one of the largest campaign warchests in all of New York State with nearly $2.4 million, though he did not face a serious challenger.

Kruger was recently replaced as chairperson of the powerful Senate Finance Committee by Syracuse State Senator John DeFrancisco.


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  4. Good gosh. Just make a deal. If this guy (Kruger) gets out of office, that’s good enough for me. It helps the community. I don’t need to see him jail. Just get him out of here – addition by subtraction.

  5. I just heard that a Mill Basin businessman will step up and challenge Kruger in Democratic primaries. I hope the Democratic Party leadership will step up and do the right thing by endorsing the right candidate.

  6. Why would Koppel destroy his life for Kruger? Why would he go tonjail for him?

    Does not Jason Koppel have a family to take care of? Does he not prefer a regular life to sitting in a cell the next few years, possibly with a boyfriend?

  7. Can information about Kruger being arrested for child molestation be corroborated by any media source? Do you remember if this was covered in the press at the time?

    How in the world does a child molesting janitor with a fake degree he bought from a diploma mill for $2,000 get himself elected to the State Senate?

  8. I totally remember Kruger from late 80s – early 90’s!
    He used to be very skinny back then and loved to wear same stripped sweater every day. I think sweater was black and red. However I’m pretty sure he was bold even back then since he never left his house without fedora hat. He lived quietly on Voorhies Ave and worked as a janitor in local school. After allegedly molesting some students he was arrested but was released on lack of evidence. Few days later the parents of molested kids acted as judge, jury and executioner punished poor janitor by burning him in local school’s cellar. I don’t really remember the name of the school it happened at. Maybe it was Sheepshead Bay HS who knows? Personal I think Mr Kruger is misunderstood and probably emotionally and physically tortured individual. So please don’t judge Kruger harshly as he is a product of his environment i.e. Sheepshead Bay.

  9. The only thing Kruger is going to try and do at this point is get Jason Koppel to take the fall for everything. Cherry Hill didnt want to give them anything and they created a headache for them. Levitis plead guilty and made a deal so he can continue his law practice. He would not have made the deal without that.