Super Stop & Shop Garage Door Collapses


Reader nolastname spotted this two days ago at Super Stop & Shop (1710 Avenue Y). It appears one of the neighborhood’s worst parking lots is taking another hit to its reputation. Anyone know what the heck happened here?


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  • Anonymous

    why is it neighborhoods worst parking lot? I always park on the roof, easy access and plenty of space.

    • True, hardly anybody parks there.

  • Anonymous

    it is worlds worst parking lot because that roof it always collapsing when it snows

    • Anonymous

      not true

  • nolastname
    • nolastname

      They got the also.

  • bagels

    Damn! I’d be pissed if my car was stuck on the roof.

  • Local Broker

    Shopping cart security?

    • Anonymous

      it’s just to make sure that no bumbass actually thinks that he can go through that little hole on the side with his SUV and tries to park on the roof

      • Local Broker

        I was joking.

        • Anonymous

          i know, and so was I

  • The entire building is falling apart. And its less than 20 years old.

    • Georgia

      Stop & Shop is 18 yrs olds you were very close Lisanne. It opened in March of 93 or 94. I am sure of that. That roof is always leaking in the store they have pails all over the store. One day I counted 16 pails before they fixed the roof but it’s still no good.

      • Local Broker

        They just put on a new roof a few months ago.

        • Georgia

          They had no choice but to put another roof on. But now it leaks in some parts of the store. The maintance guys had to put buckets on the floor between isles.

      • The leaks have been fixed and new ones sprout into existence. So much for modern construction techniques.

        • Georgia

          I agree with this one

      • nolastname

        What was it originally? I have a red key chain with a quarter in it
        somewhere. 25 cent in it to unlock a cart. LOL

        • EBomb

          I remember it being an empty lot for a long time facing Ave Y.
          East 18th Street side used to have an abandoned small apartment building.

          • nolastname

            Thanx, that is waaay back. lol. Do you remember the original name for

          • It was originally Finast when it opened. Then it was an Edwards.

          • nolastname

            TYVM. Somewhere I have Finast keychain with a quarter in it. LOL

          • nolastname

            It was Finast, the quarter in the key chain is 1987!

          • I might have one of those key chains somewhere.

          • Georgia

            Correct but it’s the same man owns it his name is Edward Finast

          • Jude

            Finast was the first name. Edward’s was the second name. And finally, stop and shop is the last and most current name.

          • nolastname


          • Guest

            It was opened as Finast, then became Edwards, then Stop & Shop. And I think it was a giant abandoned warehouse with broken windows before that.

          • No, that was an abandoned factory.

          • Georgia

            Yes is was many years ago a plastic factory were plastic were made for furniture. They moved out then it became a factory who made undergarments for woman I am talking about in the 1950’s

        • Georgia

          Yes when it first opened you had to pay .25 cents for the cart then they did away with it. People used to break them was a mess lol

  • brooklynTheCityOfLove

    Cant find any police activity to the place for the gate.

    As of this moment, cant find claims that anyone got hurt.

    Heard that the car wash and gas station across Petco and Doddys will be home to Marshals (or another chain store) when the lease expires…

    Anyone else heard anything about it?

    • doodys owns the plot, they aint goin no where, petco i could see going – they are never to busy in there.

      and while s&s’s roof might leak, the lot is good for parking when me and my fam go.

    • Moraque

      No Doody’s doesn’t own the plot. The plots for the corner, everything south of the Mr Bargain building with the big sign, were sold as of 12/3/10. The guy who owns the carwash says his last day is April 30, but he will be out before that. All of this is a matter public record. If you look on the city website or Google NYC deeds you can find the records.

    • brooklynTheCityOfLove

      Was talking about the


      and the

      CAR WASH

      The CAR WASH and the GAS STATION will be demolished for Marshals or another corporate store

  • btw, i worked with these types of games a while ago. what looks like happen is: the gear on the left that holds the gate up when its rolled, looks to have died, if theyarent used for a while[ and i havnt seen that thing down in a while] they can rust and die. and it is 20 years old, and with the amount of cold we had latly, some water could have got into a seem and forze and poped a weld

  • I should clarify. The lot out front is one of the worst in the neighborhood. It’s awful – always overcrowded – and I constantly hear reports of fenderbenders and the like there. The roof is always empty – that’s true.

  • Turning that corner at the top of the ramp is scary – that’s probably why it’s the neighborhood’s worst parking lot. You can’t tell if someone is coming or not and you have to make that sharp, quick turn.

  • Anonymous

    The front lot is fine if you have an old car with dents and dings in it already.
    I usually park my car outside of the lot and walk my packages to the car.

  • Jal5503

    Looks BROKEN to me !!! LOL

  • Joe

    I hated you so much Stop and Shop. Thats all in the past now since I moved out of the neighborhood to a place with decent stores!!

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