Morning Mug: Our World Is Made Of Lots Of Little Dots


Photo by Laura Fernandez.

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  • Anonymous

    Good job laura, a little yellow tho

    • Lisanne!

      Night photos often have a yellow or orange cast to them when there is artificial outdoor lighting. The eye sees this, but not as intensely.

      It’s an interesting photo. I like the feel of movement it creates.

  • Granthefotto

    this isn’t photography…. is this some kind of joke.

    • levp

      One person’s joke is another one’s fine art.

      The only thing I would do is straighten the horizon.

    • Ned Berke

      Ahem… and what have you created recently, jackass?

      • Granthefotto

        gimme some time i need to get my slr camera repaired. i’ll show you amatuer’s photography.

        • ORANGE


    • Arthur Borko

      Photography is art is expression. Something is being expressed here.

  • Thewalmartshill

    i first noticed swans in the bay in 1990. They are so so beautiful…. thanks, whoever brought them there

  • Namaste


    The shimmering lights of human life, artificial, man-made. Think of the activity, think of the people walking up and down the board walks, and working in those buildings and their lives, their thoughts, their corruptions, their daily sins.

    Then we have the swans, detached from the whole setting, floating in the darkness like organic lanterns casting reflections in a black abyss, almost outer-space like, gone, floating away. At peace.

    Don’t be obsessed with the “PERFECT” lighting, just appreciate, find the beauty and move the hell on. And if you believe so much that there is no such beauty then maybe you should observe your own current state of mind, everyone should be able to find the beauty in something.

  • Gov’t out of Control!!!

    Enjoy the Swans while they last. The USDA/APHIS Wildlife Services has a new extermination plan in the works to kill all Mute Swans, Double crested Commorants, Crows, Rock Doves, and Starlings within a 5 mile radius of JFK. The Geese killing will continue within 7 miles of the airport.