Italian-Romanian Is The New Chinese-Mexican


euorpa bistro romanian food sheepshead bay

La Sorrentina II, the pizzeria that previously occupied this storefront at 1652 Sheepshead Bay Road, has finally closed down after one of the longest, most drawn out restaurant deaths in history. Opening in its place is Taste Of Romania’s Europa Bistro, an Italian and Eastern European eatery.

Not to be confused with the overpriced Manhattan soup-and-sandwich chain, Europa Cafe, this bistro will offer “home smoked delicacy.” We’re not sure what that means or why foods may be better if smoked at home and not elsewhere. We’re similarly unsure how Romanian food and Italian food come together. Our guess? The pizza ovens were left over from the previous business, so the new owners figured, “Hey, why not?”

Or perhaps they’re waiting for a German restaurant to open next door so they can declare war on Glechik across the street.


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  3. I did not know where to post this.
    Venezia Pizzeria 2771 Knapp St.has a Grand Opening special in the circulars.
    Any one tried the place?

  4. I think it may have something to do with the fact Italian and Romanian languages are very similar and the pizza oven thing.

  5. the reason might be as simple as the fact that a lot of Romanians, are living and are born in Italy and they have assimilated with Italians therefore have a knowledge of Italian cooking just like any one else who lives in Italy