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Chopstix Restaurant Sheepshead Bay Hot and Sour Soup

Welcome back to The Bite, Sheepshead Bites’ weekly column where we explore the foodstuffs of Sheepshead Bay. Each week we’ll check out a different offering from one of the many restaurants, delis, food carts, bakeries, butchers, fish mongers, or grocers in our neighborhood. If it’s edible, we’ll take a bite.

This week I got tired of dodging snow so I took a quick trip to China and visited Chopstix Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar on Nostrand Avenue for some Hot and Sour Soup.

For some reason I was craving the spicy, tangy concoction. Who knows? Maybe a cold was coming on.

Hot and Sour Soup ($1.90/pint, $3.45/quart) has long been touted as a cure for the common cold, and with one spoonful you’ll know why. It’s hot from a combination of white and red peppers, and sour from vinegar, which is added just before serving. It wakes your taste buds, clears your sinuses and warms your insides. What more could you want?

This soup is a little thick and shimmery from cornstarch, and Chopstix’ American/Chinese version includes pork, bamboo shoots, toasted sesame oil, wood ear mushrooms, cloud ear fungus, day Lilly buds, eggs, tofu and tofu skins. According to acclaimed chef Susanna Foo, Hot and Sour Soup is often flavored with pig’s blood, but I doubt that’s the case here.

Aside from the familiar Chinese version we all know, which both Beijing and Szechuan claim as their own, Hot and Sour Soup has several Asian interpretations. Cambodia’s Samior Machu Pacong is flavored with lemon, chilies, prawns and/or shrimp; Vietnam’s Chan Chua is similar, but often includes pineapple, tomatoes and bean sprouts; and in Thailand, Tom Yum is flavored with lemon grass, lime, kafir lime leaves, galangal, fish sauce and chilies. They’re all good and hopefully each with make an appearance on The Bite.

Chopstix Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, 3790 Nostrand Avenue, (718) 891-0391.

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  • nolastname

    The place is too pricey. I liked it better before they expanded.

    • brooklynTheCityOfLove

      Manhattan prices in Brooklyn..

      Did anyone else see a trend that Brooklyn is getting more expensive ( restaurant, lounges, movies and etc) than the city?

      • nolastname

        Yep, after 9/11 people and business left Manhattan.
        So if you can’t live in THE Manhattan just make another one.
        It will all be cold stone with no sun gracing the earth until noon.

        • Granthefotto

          clearly, you do not know anything about the restaurant business.

          • nolastname

            No. I do not. But I do not think you do either.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

            Any restaurant would want you out..

            You have
            no money
            no class
            and you stink…

            Why would any place would want you as a customer?

          • nolastname

            Now I am tired. Fuck you and the horse you rode in in. And whatever
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          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

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            Why are you so angry?

          • nolastname

            Read waaay back.

          • You full of love? You must be the zenith of self-delusion.

          • Granthefotto


          • nolastname

            I could you and your last born alive,
            With hot sauce.

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          • I see you’re redundant as well.

          • Granthefotto

            POW!!!! Right in the Kisser.

          • nolastname

            It’s that time again. LOL
            Discus and it’s notifications. Too much fun.

      • Anonymous

        When’s the last time you were in Manhattan? It’s not uncommon to pay $8 to $10 for a cup of soup. $1.90 wouldn’t buy you a soda in most Manhattan restaurants.

        • nolastname

          Yeah, 2 bucks for a warm belly is cheep.
          Pasta fajol (how do you spell it) at Knapp St is 4.50.
          The last bowl of soup I had in Manhattan was@ the Soup Natzi. 8.50,
          for the lobster bisque, but you got bread,fruit and a mint.
          That was 10 years ago.
          PS. He really was mean.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

            He was mean because he wanted you OUT of the place..
            You have no money and no life….

          • Apparently your life has taken a turn for the worse.

            So interesting how you define people by how much money they have.

            Nolastname is a class act, and has more money than you could deal with probably.

            It’s usually the ones without that have to use money as an insult. Them that got aren’t as insecure,

          • Dunno if this the saying i was looking for, but this should work For this occasion.

            A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. ~David Brinkley

          • My personal philosophy is that one has never succeeded at anything if they haven’t made themselves a few enemies along the way.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

            Success is sweet

          • bagels

            “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

    • brooklynTheCityOfLove

      You have no money? you feel rich behind the computer?
      I think they accept food stamps

      • nolastname

        Again too funny. No stamps, No medicaid, just nothing else to do but
        fuck with your stupid ass.

      • Hey moron, even people that HAVE money don’t enjoy spending it needlessly.

        • brooklynTheCityOfLove

          Some people who have tons of money to spend, don’t care about the cost…
          Except for people who have a CHEAP or FRUGAL habit…

        • brooklynTheCityOfLove

          Some people who have tons of money to spend, don’t care about the cost…
          Except for people who have a CHEAP or FRUGAL habit…

  • i eat here once or twice a week. the lunch specials are good, 6$ for meat, rice and a drink. the chinese food is priced right, but the sushi is horribly overpriced and not that good. its only a bit of a step better than the sushi place next to it (which sucks as well). george wong is a great guy though, always smiling and being nice and offering tea while you wait. it was better when it was just peking, but oh well.

    • nolastname

      Remember when he had the pic up with the AK47?
      I think that’s what it was anyway.
      He is a nice man.

  • guest

    i don’t get the complaints on here about pricing. chopstix is not your typical hole in the wall chinese take out spot with mystery meat. i order from them about once a week and think pricing is quite fair. they also deliver very promptly. i swear i’m not affiliated with them haha.

    • nolastname

      you are right about the quality and speedy delivery.
      It was expensive when I had dinner with a friend.
      I still like the old Peking better.

      • Anonymous

        When’s the last time you were there nolastname? They definitely took a hit when they first remodeled, but over the past few months they have returned to the same quality they were serving as Peking.

        I don’t know anything about the Sushi – I don’t touch the stuff, but the sushi prices seem high while the Chinese food seems comparable to the prices they charged prior to renovation. I don’t know that for a fact – it just seems that way to me.

        • nolastname

          It was months ago.
          I will try again on your good mention.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

            can you afford it?

          • nolastname

            I can more than you in a heart beat.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

            How do you know?

          • Gee, you seem to be trouble all over the place tonight.

            Notice the icons. Usually it means that these people are regulars here. Shouldn’t mess with the regulars. It’s really bad form.

          • nolastname

            No problem, just one of those trolls that will change names to talk more shit later.
            It is a woman. No balls. LOL

          • I can totally tell too….(ANGRY WOMAN ALERT)

            Whats with all the hate lately… Is this person even from Sheepshead Bay? Hey Ned! Time for a Netstat! LOL

          • nolastname

            I have to learn not to feed the trolls.

          • nolastname

            I don’t. Now chest it like a man (I believe you are a woman) and get over the crap you talk.
            Ding, ding. That’s the Jerry Springer bell for you.
            By the way, say hello to Mike for me.

        • As you’ll see in my Yelp review from a few months ago I said practically the same thing. I wouldn’t go there for sushi, they overcharge. Their Chinese food though, very good.

      • brooklynTheCityOfLove

        You have friends? or you brought your inflated doll?

        The place is cool.
        They really tried to market the restaurant to the community…

        They have money to survive for AT LEASE 2-3 more years..

        The workers are mostly family members who work for CASH and get public assistance and other NYC government assistance..

        They charge the sales tax that NEVER makes it to the city/state…

        They gross about $2,000 – $4,500 a day (usually more on weekends)

        • nolastname

          What is it with you. Do you require negative attention to survive?
          The people that posted do not know me. They evidently are not your
          If you keep calling Sheepshead residence retarded and talk down mostly
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          Sorry for your troubled mind. You twisted thing.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove

            Is your right hand tired?

            Did you try the special WHITE sauce with the food…

            Guess, where it came from?

    • brooklynTheCityOfLove

      These people can not afford it..

      At least MacDonalds has a $1 menu to serve some of these commentators..

      • nolastname

        These people can at least spell McDonalds.

        • brooklynTheCityOfLove

          Shows you that I dont eat at the place and YOU DO!!!

          You are so worried about spelling, that you missed the MAIN POINT

          • nolastname

            I got the MAIN POINT. You are obsessed with thinking (not Knowing), “these people can not afford”, everyone is broke.
            I prefer the drive-through.
            And what’s with the caps? One exclamation point would suffice.
            Have a nice day.

          • brooklynTheCityOfLove


            You a have car?

            This proves that an idiot is still allowed to drive in NYC…

            is your right hand getting tired while you drive?

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          • nolastname

            I was thinking you are female.
            You must be a man with all the talk of white sauce and jerking off.
            Again, Have a nice day.

          • Jeez bro, what did you do to piss these low lives off? LOL

          • nolastname

            I don’t have enough money. LOL

  • Big Brother

    I’ve eaten here a handful of times and liked the food. I never thought them to be over priced, they are a little more then the hole in the wall Chinese fast food places. The service was always friendly and helpful. I plan on going there again. Never had the sushi so can’t say much about that. As for the flame war going on…why? just ignore each other.

  • Foster

    Where is the review of the restaurant? I didn’t even see an opinion from the author of
    the article.

  • Monmail Fr Nf

    By the way, check out their latest NYC DOH restaurant inspection:

  • Barkingspider7

    Someone I know went in there twice, got really sick both times. I don’t think that it was ever that good. George has a place in Bay Ridge also, not so good.

  • Boris

    I love their shrimp pad thai! my first experience there was good other than the fact there was something floating in my tea and they brought out wrong dish and then were upset about it.

  • Joe

    How does the food completely lack flavor? Ick.

  • Guest

    Hunan Cottage on avenue X makes the best Hot and Sour soup in my opinion because there is no pork in it! Soup tastes heavenly without greasy pork. You can actually taste all the little veggies that make it up. I usually get 2-3 large containers if I feel cold coming on, one container, sweat it out under blanket and viola- you are as good as knew in the morning.

  • Guest

    They had grade of 35 back in November 2010??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and still have 10 as of this day – not sure if I want to eat there at all after reading their violations.
    Although food was good when I tried it first, next time I got it, pan fried noodles were completely overcooked and over loaded with some sweet tasting stuff. Sesame chicken was too dark and looked like was burned too.
    I have not tried it since then, must be about 4-5 months.