BREAKING: Car Accident On Ocean Pkwy And Ave S


We just received the above photo and a reader report from Sophia T., saying that an accident has occurred on Ocean Parkway and Avenue S. She said that it appeared as if the blue car rear-ended the red car, getting snagged underneath it. She added that no one looked hurt, despite the ambulance.

The accident is causing “major traffic” on Ocean Parkway.

We’ll let you know if we hear any more.

  • Rygirls

    How does that even happen? Imagine being the driver of the red car? I would have had a heart attack.

  • I guess everyone has to take a look. That would make for “major” traffic.

    • bagels

      That and the two blocked lanes would cause the major traffic. In the last year and a half I’ve been rear ended twice while at a dead still waiting at a traffic light.

  • So who was driving the blue car? Chick, Jew, or Asian?

    • A midget?

    • DG

      i’m actually more irritated by the way car service drivers operate their vehicles ;)

      • Far to many car service and cab drivers are utterly unqualified for the job.
        Not everyone can be me. The key to good driving is getting from point a to
        point b without obstructing anyone else as quickly and efficiently as
        possible. Every other vehicle out there as an obstacle and potential hazard.

        • DG

          lol, good answer! especially last sentence.

  • Arlene

    But it also looks like the red car tried leaping over the blue & didn’t make it.

  • CJ

    This looks like a typical asshole who doesn’t know how to drive and was obviously going way too fast. Good for him/her, hope the premiums go through the roof for this.